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Would eating grass fed deer be healthier than grain fed beef you get at the grocery store?

Asked by Patreesha (108points) February 25th, 2012

I live in upstate New York where people do alot of hunting for deer and wild turkey. My family likes beef and I was wondering if deer, which is grass and berry fed, would be a healthy alternative to beef from the store that has been grain and corn fed.

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Venison tends to be leaner and not pumped full of antibiotics and stuff like finished beef. You might find grass fed beef in your market these days.
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Yes, just as eating grass fed, unadulterated beef is.

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Not to be excessively pedantic, but deer also eat acorns.

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While it is probably healthier, in my experience it is good to harvest an animal that has had some corn and is a little chubby. The meat from a completely wild deer (leaves, grass and berries) sometimes can be too lean and may be a little tough. Usually I have some suet added to the burger to add flavor and moisture to the meat.

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Of course. Store bought beef comes from large slaughterhouses. These companies only care about profit, that means they want things to be cheap, fast, and profitable. They pump the cows full of growth hormones and antibiotics to speed up the time it takes before slaughter. Many are diseased and stressed, which makes for unhealthy meat. Not to mention incredibly cruel and unethical.
Obviously grass-fed deer living free is much more healthy. If the person shoots the deer in a way that makes death instantaneous, or very quick, adrenaline won’t pump through the meat (I’ve heard that it gives it a gamey taste).
By the way, stay away from corn-fed beef. I am a vegetarian, so I’m not very knowledgeable in this area, and I forget why this is important. Watch the movie Food Inc if you want to learn more about this sort of thing, it explains what’s so bad about corn.

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Free range naturally fed any critter is inherently better for you than factory farmed, antibiotic stuffed, artificially fattened critters!

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I don’t eat deers :/

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@lemming You ought to try venison sometime. It tastes really good.

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@desiree333 , The problem with feeding corn to cattle is that it is unnatural to them and makes them sick, requiring the use of antibiotics.

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You? “Pedantic?” Naaahhhhhhh! : D

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What I guess my question really was if eating deer meat was leaner than beef. We usually eat only good cuts of beef that are natural or kosher. We don’t eat pork at all. I’m not to keen on eating deer as I hate the gamey taste, but if it better for you we will go that route. Also it is more humaine to make a quite kill if possible. We don’t drink cow’s milk in our family. It is either soy or almond milk. I never gave my children dairy products full of antibiotics or rBGH. I am looking for a more healthy healthy alternative for my family. I have also considered goat meat but I don’t know. And yes, I have seen Food Inc. My youngest daughter is a vegetarian and a big fan of Peta and Food Inc.

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If a deer is cleaned properly when field dressing it and bled out quickly, there is no gamey taste in the venison. It is very, very lean meat.

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Probably as already said.
Saw bambie at a very young age. Can’t stand the idea of some baby deer yelling, “mother, mother”.

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grass fed is always better than grain fed you can eat the fat

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