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What was your teenage tough guy/-girl stance?

Asked by rebbel (31337points) February 25th, 2012

For those that had one, that is.
I am sure I wasn’t the only one that wanted to fit in, or wanted to stay in the group of ‘the populars’.
So I as well, I assume, as the others in the group adapted a certain stance that was supposed to look cool, radiate that tough guy look.
In my teens (beginning of the eighties) that consisted of folding my arms, the left hand pushing the right biceps outwards and vice versa, and never wear a coat not even in winter time, but a sailor’s jersey (or any roughly knitted sweater).
And of course a tough expression to match :-)
Did you have a specific stance too?

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Sorry, didn’t have one. The closest I got was leaning against the kitchen counters, beer in hand, laughing. I always loved to laugh. We had a lot of parties when I was a teen.

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Probably drunk and throwing up over a fence or into a planter. At least that’s how most “tough guys” I know turned out.

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We played poker at lunch with the boys. So, I had my pa-pa-pa-pa-poker face on.

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Walking and snapping in time with six friends. Then dancing and jumping onto cars.

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Wearing all black, smoking weed and cigarettes, drinking alcohol in class, and getting in fights every day was my tough girl phase. This happened from the age of 12–15 years old. I was a horrible child.

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I wasn’t tough nor did I really strive to fit in, not really anyways. I was into the whole Goth thing which lasted well into my twenties. But that’s just cuz I wanted to, and liked it. I kept to myself and most other Goths avoided me, haha. I was never really part of the subculture because Goths are just like everyone else, and most of the time, everyone just pissed me off anyways. But I loved the look a lot.
However there were a lot of specific people I met that I wanted to be liked by, so I followed their whims in order to be liked. This usually ended up in drinking, doing drugs and a bunch of not so constructive shit, but I don’t resent any of it. I learned good enough, and contrary to popular belief, it taught me a bunch of shit, and so, such is life haha.
Being a really shy person, sometimes when I felt accepted by people or confident in myself, I’d go overboard the other side of my social balance, and let it all out, which resulted in various reactions from people that weren’t always pleasant. Still, true friends didn’t care. Some of that was spontaneous though, and I wouldn’t say it had anything to do with me trying to live up to something or tryna make someone happy.

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I didn’t have a tough guy stance so much as I was just bigger than everyone else. I wasn’t very concerned with fitting in, though, and certainly didn’t do a very good job of it.

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@SavoirFaire And that’s why you’re awesome. :)

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I was a naturally tough girl, who fought with boys and won until about 13, and arm-wrestled boys and won, even in high school. I was just strong. I miss that strength!

The only thing I ever did in an effort to fit in better was to ‘dumb-down’. In middle school, I tried not to be the ‘smart girl’ for a little while, in an effort to be more popular. Basically, this just involved not using the big words that people teased me about. It felt very unnatural to me, and I dropped the act quickly. People still kid me about my vocabulary, but it’s all in good fun.

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Ya I was in the tough girl club – we even smoked!:D Em, when I was 15 or so we started wearing eye-liner and the whole school started calling us goths

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Fuck that shallow shit, I got by with my stunning good looks & charisma. Not to mention my modest charm…....It’s a gift I know.

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I was never tough.

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I was in band. There was no over coming that.

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@cazzie It’s amazing what a big difference there is between being in band and being in a band, eh?

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My stance is the mysterious quiet girl who is seen as intelligent and sarcastic at times. Doesn’t really bother to talk to a lot of people and is often on her own, looking dark and brooding…

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I tended to wear these over turtleneck shirts, along with these awesome shoes during my teenaged years. And if I was really feeling bold, I would put some of these in my hair!

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@Kardamom I believe that we were the same girl.

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^^ I rocked the Jan Brady look LOL!

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Tough??? Tough????


I tried to look invisible so people wouldn’t bully me or laugh at me.

What was really disconcerting was when people would say, “Hi Wundayatta,” and I had no idea who they were. This happened much more often than I expected, leading me to the conclusion that far more people knew me than I knew.

This happens today, as well, but I know why. I see hundreds of people in my job all the time, but I’m the only one who does my job, so if they need me, they know who I am. There was no need for anyone to know who I was in high school and it was really weird having people know me who I didn’t know.

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