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Is there any way to delete my "recently watched" on Netflix?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 25th, 2012

I hate hate hate this feature. What is the point of having this? I live with my family and I would rather them not know everything I watch on Netflix. For example, I love getting piercings so I watched “Modify”, and now my mum thinks I’m obsessed with body “mutilation”. I’d also like to watch some of the movies from the “gay and lesbian” category, but that’s pretty problematical when you have a suspicious family and you’re still in the closet.

PLEASE. Is there a way to disable this or delete the content on it? Why has Netflix not removed this by now…

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@Aethelflaed I’m not sure if it’s because I’m on the Canadian Netflix, but I searched though the whole site and couldn’t find the link to clear it. I read the comments and apparently this doesn’t even delete recently watched, just the “instant queue”. I’ve never even seen anything like this queue on my account, I think it might be an American thing.

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This article says I can make a sub-account (2nd queue) to watch all of my private movies on. Does anyone know how to do this? I don’t currently have my Netflix hooked up to my Facebook. I really don’t need 300 people knowing that I felt like watching something embarrassing like Spongebob….I’m supposed to be an adult here.

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@desiree333 I tried it, and it’s more of a way to keep stuff from automatically posting to your Facebook feed than keeping stuff from the account owner (whom, I assume is one of your parents). I mean, you could try, and if they aren’t actively seeking out this info but rather bugging you when they see it when they log in, maybe. You go here to create a profile.

Ok, upon further research, no, there isn’t a way to delete your recently watched titles. Netflix has a list of everything ever watched under My Account. But, you can watch like 30 seconds of 3 different things after whatever it was you really watched so that those new 3 will show up as the recently watched.

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I do not see a way to delete the watched history. It shows the date and amount of minutes watched. Wow that sucks. I will dig further still and let you know.

It looks like this is a heated topic on NetFlix developer site as well.
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Either you need to pay for your own Netflix account @desiree333, or you need to use another service to watch your movies through.

Yet another reason we cancelled Netflix

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@SpatzieLover What are some other reasons why you cancelled Netflix?

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@Brian1946 We have an Amazon Prime Membership. With that paid membership ($79 per year), we get free streaming on many of the things we were using Netflix (my husband was thrilled with the addition of Star Trek) for besides the 2-day shipping on the goods we buy.

We had issues with quality on Netflix for quite awhile. My husband was constantly on the phone with them.

With the actual DVDs, we had quality issues. Some movies sent quite frankly looked like they should have been pitched out. One DVD we got took 4 tries before we finally got a watchable one. Very hard to explain to our son why/how a disc could become that scratched. Some of the discs were written on…some of the sleeves were.

They raised their price. That was the nail in the coffin for us.

Now for DVDs we need we either buy them new/used or borrow them. We’ve found it to be about the same cost as what our Netflix bill was.

EDIT: I forgot to add, @Brian, in regards to @Desiree’s question: I was constantly getting emails about things my husband was watching…except, he wasn’t watching them. He would go onto Netflix and check out the latest episodes of things to add to our cue from his work computer. He & I both hated that you couldn’t “delete” things you watched. For us it was just another hassle of the Netflix system, not a privacy issue.

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