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How can I make my hazel eyes look huge?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) February 26th, 2012

I know I’ve posted maeup realated questions previously. My eyes are greenish with gold flecks that sometimes look like a caramel color. I guess they are on the smaller side but don’t appear like slits like what a lot of Asian people are born with. I am not being judgmental, that’s just the truth. What technigues are there for opening up the eyes more and making the lashes appear long and thick?

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As for making them look more open, use a darker color on the boney part below your eyebrow but above your eyelid (not right below your eyebrow, reserve a little lighter color there to highlight your eyebrow.) This will add depth and make your eyes look more open.
Use eyeliner sparingly, and start at the pupil and go out, making sure you blend the starting spot. I would also use a dark lavender color eyeliner to make the green in your hazel eyes sparkle.

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I’m afraid having huge hazel eyes is a matter of genetics.

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Forget the makeup, forget the odd statements about Asian eyes, and find something to look at that amazes you, like the winner of a Special Olympics event.

That will make your eyes look bigger, shine and sparkle.

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Sounds like you simply want your eyes to look rounder. If you have heavy hooded eyes, nothing short of surgery will help. I personally think round or slanted, eyes are their own unique masterpiece. Make up only helps to frame it but it really doesn’t make it look bigger or smaller than it is. It just draws more attention to them and can make plain eyes a bit more attractive. But to make them appear a bit more larger, you can curl thicken your lashes with mascara and curl them or add fake lashes. You have to curl them up or they will cover your eyes a bit making them look smaller.

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