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Where can I buy a high quality spiral notebook?

Asked by yuengling1829 (27points) February 26th, 2012

I need a spiral notebook that fits these specifications:

- a “5 subject notebook,” but I don’t care if it has dividers. A least 200 sheets of paper.
– a strong coil that can take some abuse.
– large paper size. Anywhere between A4 and 11.75×9.25.
thick paper. 24 pound would be enough. Definitely not less than 20.
– a sturdy cover.
– college ruled.

Ampad used to used to make something like this, but they must have stopped because I can’t find the type I used to like anywhere.

Staples made one that was ok, but they recently started using cheaper paper. The brands commonly carried in drug stores like 5 Star and Mead never seem to have good enough paper.

Anyone know of a company who makes the kind of notebook I’m looking for?

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Any stationary store should have this. WalMart may also have it.

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I’ve always liked Mead notebooks. There’s one that’s similar to your description on Amazon. Just type in Mead 5 subject notebook. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you want, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out.

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What you’re looking for is a top-end 5 subject notebook (not the cheaper version usually found at big-box/drug stores).

From Mead, this is called the Five Star Advance Notebook

Usually the higher quality notebooks either have a plastic cover, or a thicker paperboard cover. You may find them locally at your local office store. Occassionally, our Barnes & Noble have these type of notebooks available in their journaling section.

Otherwise you may want to shop the office stores online. Often their online selection is greater than that of their stores.

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