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What can we do to stop spam text messages on our cell phones?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38278points) February 26th, 2012

I received a spam text message from 571–243-3493 on my Verizon wireless phone. I reported it to Verizon and they put a block on this number. I also reported them to the Do Not Call list.
The message was:
Get a free iPhone4s, enter code “mine” at

I do not want to be disturbed by spam. I do not want to pay for spam. Verizon has no incentive to fix the problem since they get paid for TXT messages. I will call them tomorrow and tie up their billing department asking for credit for this call. My plan is to make this the most expensive TXT message they ever sent.
If we all complained maybe Verizon would get the message we do not want spam on our phones.
What else can we do? Any suggestions?

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Hmm… Maybe I should call my home phone from my wireless and tie up their tower. One hour for every spam text I receive sounds about right. (I’d have the added benefit of not being bothered by anyone for one hour.)

Verizon knows these are spam calls, but they get paid so they do nothing.
Just imagine if we all protested in this matter. That might give Verizon incentive to fix the issue.

I’m making a stand. I don’t want my phone turning into a cesspool like my now useless Hotmail inbox.

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Kind of off subject but yeah. I have a useless email account. However, I use it every time I want to buy something so the uselessness doesn’t follow me into my other emails.

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I have used the much-maligned ATT and have never received a spam text.

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Verizon did offer me a “service” for $4.00 per month where I could block up to 20 numbers. Can you believe that?!?! What an insult!
Thanks for reminding me to call accounts and get my 10 cents back. It’s all part of making it the most expensive spam text they ever let through.

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I did more checking and found the owner of the website: N4892 Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: +852.81720004 . I reported it to the “Do not call” list, Verizon, FCC and FTC.
Customer service at Verizon thanked me, credited my account, and gave me free texting as a bonus (that I will not use) . She knew I was not in it for the lousy 10 cents. She said she wished more people would fight back. The US Government collects $10,000 for each documented violation.
If the US offered at 5% bonus on the collection they would have more people fighting for them.

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