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What part of you seems older than the rest?

Asked by 6rant6 (13690points) February 26th, 2012

As we grow up, parts of us become adult faster than others. Our legs outstrip our upper bodies, or our biceps get big because of the sports we choose.

Then as we get older things start to fail. Our eyes dim, our knees ache, our naughty bits turn nice.

What is it on you that seems the oldest, relative to other people your age?

For me, I’ll say it’s the eyes. I’m down to bifocals, and just to make matters worse, I have those bags around them.

How about you?

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My consciousness.

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Since I was a teen, I have had a very bad back.
Some days I cannot move enough to get off the bed. A few months back, I had to crawl to the bathroom because I couldn’t stand up straight.

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Short-term memory.

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The brain. Old, very old.

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Left ear lobe.

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Personally, I am thrilled and grateful to have glasses that correct my vision. Two hundred years ago I probably would have walked off a cliff or into the jaws of the local bear.

However, my knees are creaking a lot these days.

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My knees. I blew out an ACL at 15 and never got it looked at until many, many years later (mom didn’t seem to believe in doctors back then), and it’s caused me no end of grief since then.

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Due to being an insomniac, my eyes :/

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My right shoulder. Just had an MRI. Can’t really thing things with my right arm. We’ll see what the doctors say.

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My joints. I have arthritis and it is an equal opportunity destroyer.

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My lower back.

Bent's avatar

My back has been old since I was a kid.

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Oh, dear, I was hoping this would be a philosophical thread. Now, when I get up to walk away from the computer, my joints will make a percussive symphony of creaks, snaps and pops. I will remove the “computer strength” readers from my nose, in order to make room for the “book on my lap” strength readers by the couch. I will notice how dry my hands are and apply the lotion that I keep by my seat, and the chapstick that is next to it. Hopefully no bits will randomly fall off in the transition. Well, I’ll rejoice in my age-acquired wisdom. If I remember to. Which is not a given. Damn

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@JilltheTooth I have age-acquired vision too. :(

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My teeth. I still have most of them but they are full of fillings.

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Right now iit’s my hip! I over stretched piriformis muscle. My shoulders get pretty stiff sometimes too and make me feel old. I hold all my stress in one place under my left shoulder.

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My soul.

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My common sense has aged faster than my mind and body. There are things I want to do, but that old common sense says, “Come on now. You’ll regret it in the morning.” Or “Are you kidding me? You are how old missy?” I have gone against my common sense many times only to prove it is smarter than I give it credit for. I’ve had the bumps, bruises, hangovers, sore muscles and heartaches to prove it too.

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According to the MRI I had done the 2nd week of this month… my cervical vertebrae would be my answer. It showed multi level degenerative arthritus in my neck, bone spurring on C3 and C4, herniated disc between C6 and C7, I already have vertebrae C5 and C6 fused together after having the herniated disc removed in 2004. I have had to go on short term disability now since I can’t be up for over an hour at a time… can’t sit at work for 8 or 9 hours a day without coming home in tears. I had an epidural about 2 weeks ago but it hasn’t helped. I am having another one on the 7th of March.

So my neck has definately aged more than the rest of me… probably the 11 car wrecks I have been involved in, that whiplash is no fun!

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People say I look 14, and act 25… O.o
I don’t think either of those things are true. XD

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My heart. Literally and figuratively. But in spite of it I plan on living to a ripe old age so that I have many more things to complain about!

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My soul too.

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My head. I’m pretty sure it came out first.

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I guess my “tolerance” for certain things makes me feel old. I used to be able to listen to loud music, but I can’t now. I used to like staying up really late, but now it just makes my whole body ache. I used to like going to parties (holiday parties, birthday parties, and such) but now it just gives me a headache and makes me want to go home.

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@gravity ow, you have my sympathies. I have scoliosis and I’ve had T9-L3 fused. Last week I found out I have stenosis T11-L1. The past year has been a nightmare of pain.

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My liver.

I used to drink like an old Scottish man trying to drink himself to death.

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My old soul.

My body is shot, diabetic, arthritic, eyes.

My my soul is ancient and springin like a child on Christmas Eve.

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My vision, hearing, and fine motor skills are still good, thankfully. My memory sucks, but I compensate by staying very organized. I have good stamina and am pretty physical for a big guy.

So I’m gonna say my back, knees, and shoulders ain’t what they used to be. Lots of aches and range of motion issues. ‘Course if I lost some weight, it’d help the knees and back greatly.

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I must say that I’m only reminded of my 61 year age when I look in the mirror or look at recent pictures of myself. My face has aged most dramatically in last ten years. All of the wrinkles, grey hair and balding head do not lie. But I don’t feel any where near as bad as I look. In fact I’m feeling terrific. I still work full time, exercise (vigorously) 1 to 2 hours every day. I jogged 5 full marathons last year and in each event I finished ahead of most of the young runners. Of course I use to win those races overall when I was young.

Also I don’t need glasses or contact lenses. My hearing, smell taste and all organs (Including male) all function better than adequately. And I don’t take any medications (just aspirin).

My teeth are not so good as most of them either have fillings or crowns and next month I’ll be getting a tooth implant. Nothing says old like a tooth implant. HA!

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I seem to be having a left side breakdown. Must be related to being left handed. lol
I have a wonky left ankle that has suffered several severe sprains over the years and threatens to go out at any time, an occasional mysterious tweak in my left knee and an old injury to my left shoulder. The one sided woman marches on. haha

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My eyes. I’m ridiculously nearsighted. Without glasses or contacts, everything more than six inches away is blurry.

And probably my liver, too. I drink like a fish.

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My eyes, because I read too much, and my hands, because they get dry very easily.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Hey…that’s because you still have kids at home. After they get bigger the occasional party will pop up you you will freaking AMAZE yourself at how you stayed up until the sun came up, like you used to, and had a blast the whole time, like you used to!

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@Bent- My sympathy goes out to you, too. I wish for you pain free living!

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