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So what does the fluther collective think of Answer Bag?

Asked by thecaretaker (369points) February 26th, 2012

All answers welcome.

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Answerbag is like Craigslist. Fluther is like Ebay.

Just overall, aesthetically way more organized.

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I think of Fluther.

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I thought well enough of Fluther that I completely left Answerbag and moved over here in late 2009, and I haven’t been back since.

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I don’t think I’ve thought of it at all in the past two years. On the other hand, Answerology is still doing pretty well, and I still visit from time to time.

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Answerbag seems to have a desire to sell advertising. Fluther (so far) does not.

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Answerbag? More like answer nutsack.

lol nah, I haven’t even use dthat site

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This seems to be an odd question, especially in the general section. Answerbag is fine. The folks there seem to have more fun than here—it’s less serious.

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Answerbag is ok, but it seems to have a lot more kids asking stupid questions than Fluther ever does. [ Before you start tuning up on me, let me hasten to add that only SOME kids ask stupid questions. It just seems that more of them hang out on AnswerBag! ]

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What does Fluther think of Answerbag ?

Not much :)

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And not OFTEN either! So there! : D

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If you happen to catch a case of the dumb, you may spew your momentary idiocy into the answerbag provide beneath your seat. Or you can call up a jelly who will gladly give you a fluther pill and a drink of your choice to reset you onto a more intellectual and fun course. Thank you, enjoy your trip

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There is nothing fun, unique or interesting about Answerbag at all. It’s boring and most of its Q&A’s are silly and repetitive. IMO

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The last (and only) time I checked it out was over 2 years ago, after a ton of AB members defected to Fluther. Honestly I thought it sucked. Big time. If Fluther no longer existed I wouldn’t even bother ‘moving’ there, I’d just give up on Q+A sites. Fluther or bust!

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I don’t think anything of Answerbag. I haven’t been there.

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Right on, Brother !

Nice to know that great minds think alike :D

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What’s an answer bag. :) Sounds a bit random or like something you light on fire and leave on a doorstep.

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LMAO @blueiiznh : ))

Girl… you ain’t right! LOL!

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It used to be good, but it’s not anymore.

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Tastes like chicken.

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Full of trolls spammers and harassing questions and answers about religion… but I get answers every so often.

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I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard that it’s a shithole.

Either way, I simply don’t care.

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I’ve never been a member of AB but I did scope it out a few times when I left sodahead, since I was looking for a new site to post on. I didn’t like what I’d seen of AB; it was full of trolls that would gang up and post the nastiest comments against a dissenting opinion. It seemed to me that the majority of the userbase at AB consisted of two types of people; immature young women/teens and hypermasculine men. AB seems to me to be like a combination of The Lost Art Of Manliness and the Yahoo Answers websites.

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@talljasperman Are you referring to AB or Fluther?

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Too many fluff questions, and people asking shit which seems to have so little essence, or even a goal of some kind. yall think I’m bad, go over there and see
There is the occasional good stuff, but I don’t like having to wad through endless crap questions to find something interesting to talk about.

I think the site has potential and seems to aim at something constructive, but it’s like a highway motel for all sorts of bored people, spammers and trolls. I don’t know how the cool and interesting people over there can even hack this.

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Have to say that I was introduced to Fluther without ever hearing of other Q and A sites. I know we have had an influx of folks from other sites in the past (temporary reduction of question quality) and then things even out again. So, I can only guess the quality of other sites by the types of questions posed by denizens that formerly haunted them—ummm, interest, not so much . . .

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It’s not really my bag.

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@cprevite Ba-dum chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

*breaths in *


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sounds like it’s not better than a colostomy bag

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@XOIIO: Thank you. I’m here all week. Try the veal.

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God damnit, forgot

*jazz hands *

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I think it’s a “rival” Q&A site & the responses here were entirely predictable.

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I used to like it but now it’s a sprawling un-moderated mess.

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I was the rising God-King of Answerbag until it went to shit. Then I migrated over here and started my meteoric rise to cosmic mastery all over again.

Note how I mentioned that Answerbag went to shit. It was once a wondrous place full of sunshine and laughter, and the air smelled of warm rootbeer and the dreams of smiling children. Now, it is a desolate waste populated by subhuman monsters and covered with the menses of ten thousand screeching harpies.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard What a vivid visual picture . . . and to think I planned to sleep tonight!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You described it and what happened to it perfecly. Nice turn of the phrase. I can’t even stand to go back there to keep touch with some of the people that left fluther. It kills the soul.

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I can’t believe how many answer questions sites there are but as long as fluther stays how they are now, they’ve got me for the long haul.

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