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Caption competition! Name that acronym caption to the news photo (#4).

Asked by rebbel (31346points) February 26th, 2012

Lets do this again, I thought it to be quite amusing first (and second and third) time around!
Watch this news picture and give a solution for the acronym caption that goes with it (please)!

The caption: W.C.P.a.M.R.B.

Original caption will follow in due time.

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7 Answers

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Walter Created Pizzapalooza and Made Recyclers Bitchy

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Washing Countless Pans at Miserly Rupee(remuneration)=Boredom.

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What Corrupt Politicians and Marketers Rarely Become.

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Whopping Change Purse a Must for Ridiculous Bullion.

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Wearing Clothes Plummets as Meth Rendering Booms

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A worker cleans plates ahead of a mass religious banquet at a temporarily build kitchen in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad February 25, 2012. >>>

Thanks, guys!

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Thank you, @rebbel! These are fun.

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