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Can anyone help me find a quality Green Non toxic,non stick cookware set?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) February 26th, 2012

Where should I look on line or in person?
Thank you in advance.

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ThorninMud’s information on this Q I asked was very helpful. He mentioned Earthpan. I recebtly got an Orgreenic skillet, which I like. (I couldn’t find the Earth pan.)
Hope this helps.

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@philosopher I went with cast iron and have not been sorry. As long as they are seasoned washed correctly they are awesome.They are truly non-stick, they warm up and hold heat well, and everyone in the family is getting plenty of iron!

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Yes I use cast iron for everything expect fish and shell fish. Some fish is too delicate. I also use as little oil as possible.

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We bought Vollrath cookware. Made in America, it uses a special melted on coating, not just the spray on type competitors use, called Steel Coat x3. It is a top quality product and I am very pleased with it.

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Does Vollrath cookware come in sets? Where can I see them? Are they Green?
My Analon pots were great but they are four years old. I worry about chemicals being released into food.
Consumer Reposts recommends one brand. Customer ratings disagree with Consumer reports.
I admit I do not know what to buy. I am still looking.

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I’ve been looking for a few months @philosopher. Unfortunately, all of the “Green” pans have very mixed reviews. Before spending dough, I read online reviews. Even the most well known “green” pans have many one star reviews. I just refuse to shell out money on iffy products. look at reviews on Amazon/Target/Walmart before buying these pans

If you’re cooking delicate fish, couldn’t you just use the Parchment Paper method, and stick to using the cast iron for everything else?

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I have been baking fish lately. I still need the pan for shrimp, scallops and some fish.
The salmon comes out great in the cast iron pan.
I have been looking on line checking reviews.
People do not agree with Consumer Reports.
I bake with foil and I know people say foil is not healthy. How do you cook in Parchment paper? I have little experience with it.

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My friend recommended to use castiron long before. Left behind food on pans can be nasty to wash. So far no problems in the kitchen.

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@philosopher Yes, I bought a full set. As for green, I’m not sure what you mean. The non-stick surface is applied by melting/anodizing to the product, as opposed to spraying it on the finished surface. It will not peel, but it is a chemical substance.

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They now make pans that are not suppose to release any chemicals but Bed, Bath and Beyond had No sets.

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