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Best places to visit in Paris?

Asked by softtop67 (1256points) May 23rd, 2008

Havent been in 20 years going in a few weeks any suggestions?

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The flea markets in Paris are insane! I could live in them.

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Some good answers in this question – I’ll be there in 6 days. Can’t wait!

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Not sure it’ll fit with the dates, but in a few weeks there’s this…...apparently…

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The Louvre.

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Every year on the summer solstice (6–21), there’s the Fete de la Musique, a free, city-wide music festival, with performers everywhere.
Otherwise, here’s my list:
Classic stuff:
The Sainte-Chapelle , the most awe-inspiring architectural space I’ve ever seen.
Le Marais , one of the oldest neighborhoods (have lunch in the jewish quarter).
Pere Lachaise cemetery , beautiful and fascinating. Meet all your French literary heroes.
Off Beat:
Paris Plage , every August a strip of the Seine is transformed into an artificial beach.
The Catacombs , Paris’ underbelly.
Les Egouts , Paris’ famous sewers, especially if you’re a Les Miserables fan.
Great food shops:
Fauchon , over-the-top displays of food of all kinds. Look, but don’t buy.
Moulin de la Vierge ,amazing organic bread baked in Paris’ oldest wood-fired oven.
Pierre Herme , this guy is probably the best pastry chef in Paris.
La Maison du Chocolat , probably still the best chocolate shop. I worked here years ago.
Fromagerie Alleosse , my favorite cheese shop. Just don’t inhale.

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If you have transportation out of the city, Versailles isn’t very far and quite beautiful. You also get to see a bit of the countryside along the way. Only problem with Versailles is that it is quite crowded in the summer. The only thing I didn’t like was the restaurant on site there.

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