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You've been married to the same man/woman for 20 years and you suddenly discover what about them?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) February 26th, 2012

You have been married to this person for many years. By accident, you make a startling discovery that you never new about your husband or wife. Question: what is this discovery and is it serious enough for you to file for divorce? Anything goes.

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An array of prehensile tentacles grows out of his back. I would be delighted.

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He secretly has another wife and family. He wouldn’t survive long enough for me to file divorce papers.

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Did your skeleton find its way out of the closet, @john65pennington?

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Future, no skeleton here, but I know several officers that have a family of skeleltons hiding in thier closets.

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There is an adult daughter he never mentioned to me. No, I would not file for divorce over this, but I would want to know about her AND why he never told me.

This is a fabrication

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She’s from the planet Krypton.

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They’re actually Batman.

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Anything involving infidelity.

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That it wasn’t the dog who has been marking his territory all this time. Hmmm!
I wouldn’t leave him, but that duck tape sure will hurt, or he’s getting fixed.

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My sister had a child nobody knows of. adopted out at birth. I dont think her husband knows.

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She’s a gay man trapped in a lesbian’s body.

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Things that would doom a marriage after 20 years:
• She was once a man (and I somehow was too stupid to know it)
• She was an active prostitute working at it several times a week.
• If she was gay? (have to seriously think about that. If she was she could never love me the way I expect)
• She was an active drug runner or IV drug user.
She was a Republican
She was a Democrat
• She was a Satanist or idol worshiper.
• She had a sex change and became a man.

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I find out, to my horror, that the wife has been secreting about her person a swinging dick!!
She had the aforementioned member inserted between her legs & yes…....parked in anal bay!
I thought it was getting pretty crowded in there during intercourse :¬(

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He can cook, and he’s damn good at it. Divorce? Heck no, Second Honeymoon, Yeah baby!

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He is a clone!

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That thirty years is not long enough for the law to have forgotten his antics as a younger man. That he is still wanted… Hmm, It would be cheaper to live alone, perhaps I should give him up?
and I could do with a break, honestly

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This kind of actually did happen, though it was less than 20 years when I found out. I can’t share it though. Official Secrets Act, and all that. ~taps nose~

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He has a child with the neighbor/nanny/housekeeper -etc. Any child with any other person would be cause.

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