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Who's doing all the screaming I hear in the background at Oscar's red carpet?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38286points) February 26th, 2012

Is it a soundtrack? I see all those people in the background but do not notice anyone actually screaming. It seems to be continuous yet when the camera looks at “the masses” the audience is just standing there. Is all that yelling just a sound effect like they have on carnival rides? Are there paid screamers like they have at political conventions?
Has anyone from here ever been to the Oscars? Did you scream?

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I assume that it’s people in the crowd, but maybe they just aren’t visible from where the camera is pointing. There are probably jumbotrons showing the celebrities.

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There is a huge red rope with tons of spectators oogling to get a glimpse.

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@jazmina88 That is my point. I see the rope. I see the people standing behind it politely holding their cameras, oogling, and not one is screaming their heads off like the sound track indicates. The interviewers are all equipped with high quality, noise canceling, dynamic mics that could easily block out background noise. And yet we hear yelling.
So where do they hide the screamers?

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