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Is there a program that merges folders together, deleting the same items?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) February 26th, 2012

This would be for a Mac.

Okay, I’ve noticed that on my Mac that I have three folders for iTunes music, which is weird. It would take way too long for me to go one by one in each folder, putting them all into one folder and deleting the rest to free up disc space. Is there a program that would do that for me? Or can I just drag all the folders together or something?

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In Windows 7, I just drag the folders together and it will merge them while asking how I want to handle duplicates. I would imagine that OS X would have the same thing.

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@jerv: No, it just says replace when I put them together.

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You can choose copy and replace, copy and rename or skip the file. If it’s for mac I’d have to boot my laptop up in osx to test it out later.

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Is there a chance that there might not be any duplicate files?

If not, then is there an option to arrange the files alphabetically? If so, then it might not take that long to find and delete any dupes.

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iTunes keeps a copy of the mp3 so after downloading an mp3 I just delete it from where ever I store it after putting it the iTunes program. @xoiio has the right idea. Just rename them iTunes 1, 2 & 3. And then merge them together, all double songs will have a pop up that says “would you like to replace…” just hit no to all

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I use Chronosync for Mac, and you have to select the particular type of syncing. The one that sounds like matching your requirement is Chronosync’s Blind backup – but be certain to read the Help File’s description of each backup mode to see which one suits you situation.

It doesn’t merge folders in the sense that the two folders still exist, but it can merge the contents of one folder into another.

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