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Is this Yoga instructor a complete nut?

Asked by Jude (32101points) February 27th, 2012

Child abuse?

(warning: some may find the pictures upsetting)

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That’s fucking disgusting. Babies can’t control their heads at that age and their joints are extremely soft. They look like they’re loving it so much too. Not.
@Jude Just showing my usual poker face.:) Sorry.

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Meh. Seen worse. It is more disturbing that the baby is naked. This is child porn.

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Who’s the asshole taking the picture?

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One of the idiot parents who paid $250 to be in her class.

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I don’t know anything about the science and dynamics of yoga.. but some things you can tell are wrong just by looking at them. This is clearly one of those things.

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That’s not a yoga instructor. That’s a fucking idiot.

“I don’t understand why there are so many stupid people on this planet but there are.” – Simone De Beauvoir

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I always thought that yoga was something that you do, not something that someone does to you.

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Yes indeed, that yoga instructor is a complete nut.

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She doesn’t look all there either! The ones that should really be hung are the parents who agree to this!

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It is “hanged” not “hung”. Only objects can be “hung”.

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Yoga my ass. This is abusive pedophilia.

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Did anyone here ever throw their child in the air? Did anyone watch the video at the bottom of the article?

Is there any science to this, one way or the other? Like do we know the outcomes for these kids? Are they hurt? Brain damaged? Or do they do great things? Do they gain a desire for excitement and physical danger as a result of these exercises? Or maybe this has everything to do with parents and genes and culture, and not much to do with medicine?

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How can someone actually pay somebody else to possibly give their child brain damage? Surely trauma at that age has lasting effects in the short, or even long-term, future?

I wonder how she got into this practice, “Oooh, a baby might like being swung around…Imma give it a try and see what the benefits are!”

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Yep. As someone said in the comments, why hasn’t she been arrested?

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Simply cruel…...

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The western version of yoga has been completely bastardized and one of my biggest interests the last few years is looking at all the ways certain “spiritual” practices/philosophies have been manipulated in the western culture. This is a classic example of new agey practices being abused and distorted beyond comprehension. Bah!

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Nut job.

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@Jude That is sick.

It’s beyond abuse. It’s deadly.

Just recently, a local couple brain damaged their child extremely accidentally. Their baby liked horsie rides on their legs. The shaking caused a concussion and permanent damage. They publicized their story in hopes they could prevent it from happening to another baby/toddler.

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@Jude I should have heeded your warning, some things you just can’t un-see.

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No parent I know would let something like this happen to their baby. When my niece was this age you had a hard time picking her up because she had an issue with her joints dislocating, this would have had her in traction.

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@Blackberry Omg, are you quoting me? That’s precious

As for the lady, oh no no…I get people really do believe it’s good for babies and some babies do like being spun around like that but…if they haven’t consented, it shouldn’t be done…but this is where it’s tricky…so many things we do to our children is without their consent (piercing their ears, circumsizing for no reason)...who’s to say?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Really?

This man was charged with abuse.

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@Jude Because the legal system is god? Look, all I’m asking people to consider is that what we do to babies can be classified as abuse as well, esp. around the topic of circumcision. Or are you telling me that a painful, traumatic (without consent) procedure done purely out of tradition is not abuse? ‘Cause I think it is. Sanctioned, accepted abuse. I don’t care that it’s not yet criminalized, it will be eventually.

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I thought that was a job requirement. What do I know?

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I don’t understand that a mother’s instincts and common sense don’t kick in here. Anyone suggesting they would come and do that to my baby would have to get through me first. She may be Yoga Instructor, but I am Ninja Mom and you don’t want to mess with me.

How could women allow this done to their children? I’d take my baby and give her an elbow in the face.

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The fucking hell?

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mm, I teach yoga and one of my clients showed me the video and initially,
I thought it was a joke.
I am totally taken back by it…

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The baby seems rather unfazed by the whole thing.

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What if someone startles her and the baby slips out of her hands?

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@flo I think it would be something akin to splat crack squish

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I just now saw this. It’s fucking abusive and godawful!

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still better than circumcision.

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I can’t believe that they examined the baby and still found nothing wrong. How can it be? I know journalists are involved in the story but something seems wrong with this picture. 2 months old? If someone described the act to you would you not just assume that the baby would be bruised all over the place?

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I know circumcision has to be painful but it is nowhere near this horror We don’t know how the brain is affected until later on. I don’t know why licence is not required to be a parent.

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The Time magazine reporters went to Russia and were told the video is from 2 years earlier when the baby was 2 weeks old, not the 2 months old which I was shocked about.

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It doesn’t seem like yoga at all, it’s a disaster. I doubt if the “baby yoga instructor” know what yoga is. Yoga is a gentle and meditative exercise, and it has nothing to do with extreme body movements.

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