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What is a good forum to post an informal thesis survey?

Asked by sushilovinfun (161points) February 27th, 2012

For my thesis, I wanted to conduct an informal online survey based on the advice of my professor. He said I should bring the survey to a number of public forums such as 4chan and I would easily get 200 participants. However, 4chan has not been particularly responsive, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend other popular public forums where I can post the survey.

The subject of the survey is the social media application Foursquare, which you must be aware of, but needn’t play, to complete the survey. Any thoughts?

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This is where it pays to be a member of several forums, do you belong to any you can leverage? Maybe a site you haven’t thought about? For my surveys I’ve used facebook, a quit-smoking forum I belong to and a music forum I belong to. Didn’t get 200 but got about 60–70 just with those.

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One of my relatives is a real estate agent, and I know she and her colleagues use four square a lot. If you know anyone who is a realtor, maybe you can ask them if they have a forum that they use and if they’d be willing to post your survey.

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@Kardamom That is incredibly interesting. I will try to do that with my real estate friends. Are the realtors you know relatively young?

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@sushilovinfun My cousin is in her mid forties, most of the agents are in their 30’s to 50’s. But I’m always seeing Facebook postings that come from Foursquare, although I have to admit, I have no idea what it is : (

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@Kardamom If there is any chance you could tell me what market she is in, my fiancee is an agent and might be able to help me get a connection.

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