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IPad Replacement to Watch Movies - (More inside...)

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) February 27th, 2012

I’m currently selling my iPad 2 and a cover on Craig’s List. I never really used it for more than watching TV Shows & Movies and light word-processing. The Apps are great, but I just never really found myself really just sitting down and actually using it.
Plus, the new one is going to be announced soon, and I want to be proactive about selling it, before everyone starts selling theirs.
So, I’m looking for a replacement, and the criteria is as follows, as least to a certain degree:
a) I only want it for watching ripped video; mostly ripped from DVDs into Apple format Because I never thought I’d ever use anything else besides Apple products. Stupid, stupid.
b) Decent storage – Most of my movies are ripped over a gig; that’s a lot when you’re looking at something, like the Kindle Fire, that has only 8gb.
c) Price, price, price! (I’m not ditching my iPad 2 just to spend the equivalent amount of money on something else.)
d) I’m also open to not getting anything! Somehow I managed to get by with only my phone and iPod touch – I just don’t remember how. D’oh…
So. What are you jellies’ all doing? Do you use anything at all; have you replaced your iPad with something else? Do you recommend the table you are using?

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Buy a tablet pc, either one that the screen rotates or totally touchscreen. You can get some nice older fujitsu stylistic ones that windows 7 runs on and throw a terabyte, or 1.5 terabytes into it.

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