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What other people cause you unhappiness on facebook?

Asked by jehnstewart (358points) February 27th, 2012

I am a new member here on fluther and I am glad I found this website. I’m tired and get sad of most statuses on facebook. They are full of hatred towards others. I guess that’s what other people do when there’s nothing else to do in their life.

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@jehnstewart : Welcome to Fluther. You’re doing it right. You’re diving in and asking questions and engaging the collective.

I use Facebook quite a bit, but I don’t take everything I read on there too seriously. When someone begins to spout hatred and bigotry, I strike them from my friends list. I have no time for such negativity.

Enjoy your time here on Fluther.

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Hey there – welcome to the lagoon. If you’re in search of Facebook’s polar opposite, you may have found it.

No status updates, no vague-booking, no hating – just lurve. Oceans of lurve.

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Yes, I have to agree. I dropped off of Facebook because of the amount of pages that are specific to promoting violence and hate towards groups of people. Facebook says that they should be taken as jokes. Anywhere else it would be seen as improper. Welcome to our little section of the the communication ocean. You are safe here. Ask and answer away…....

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Welcome to Fluther. :)
Kids like to complain a lot on Facebook. XD
Fluther, FTW!

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Facebook has been pissing me off too lately! Nothing but bitching and attention seeking, allusive posts about how sad their lives are. I have found lately I have been unsubscribing to a lot of people. PITAS!!

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Yes! Let’s start an anti Facebook group. The positive anti-facebook. The Flutherbook.

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Welcome, welcome! :)

I’m annoyed by the people on Facebook who post vaguely poetic and comically obvious “wise” posts, meant to help others or to make the poster seem smart, when really it’s a common theme explored everywhere. And overuse of gifs, which, if I’m not mistaken are designed for sites like tumblr or imgur, and not facebook.

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I think of Facebook as a place that almost represents the epitome of High School all over. I can’t let it go because I’ve got some great contacts I’ve made through college, and I need the face to the name kind of thing. Fluther is like that group of kids in high school that hung out in the library.

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Welcome to Fluther, @jehnstewart !
I’ll go against the tide here and say that FaceBook doesn’t bother me so much, I like having a way to quickly stay in touch with people, and I love that people post pictures and funny stuff. But then, I’m older, so most of my friends are way past the whiny high-school phase. And hey, really, isn’t it supposed to be about getting attention? Isn’t that the purpose of Face Book?

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Hey @jehnstewart, you’ve found a good place..were not allowed to hurt each others feeling here but god knows i’ve tried Kidding!

Em, I know what you are talking about, but I take everything they say on facebook with a pinch of salt. If you are very kind and looking for kind people, may I recommend Buddhism? I went to a meditation group a few months ago and found I finally found people I could actually talk to:)

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I use FB to stay in touch with friends that I lost touch with (pre-internet). It was great to find long lost friends! I, also, hate the vague passive aggressive stuff on it.

Welcome to Fluther! Enjoy your stay!

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Welcome! :D

What really bugs me are the people who are always complaining and never seem remotely happy for any reason. Also the kind of people who make cryptic posts that they’re upset and fishing for someone to care enough about them to ask why they’re sad.

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Nothing on Facebook has ever caused me unhapiness but there is plenty that I find irritating. One of my contacts on Facebook is incredibly judgmental towards anyone that may not share the same beliefs (and she has a lot of them) as her and posts self righteous, statuses every single day. Sometimes I can read them and laugh it off and other times I want to telkl her to shut the fuck up (but I don’t).

I also hate it when people constantly put statuses up to get sympathy. I’m bored of statuses that say “so and so is in bed poorly”, “so and so is so depressed right now”, “so and so thinks that no one cares” etc etc.

I don’t see much on my facebook feed that I would consider hatred. Misguided maybe.

Welcome to Fluther.

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I use facebook but I’m very, very selective about who I add on there and no-one has ever upset me. I avoid adding family (I tell them I don;t have a Facebook at all) and that helps a lot. I also don;t add work colleagues; it’s just solely for genuine real friends.

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@downtide: I agree about being selective. I have only a few friends, close, family, and some jellies. I always say no to my students, co-workers, and most family.

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