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How can I obtain the password of a wifi network if I am already connected?

Asked by Rickover (110points) February 28th, 2012

I have a colleague at school which is in good relations with he school’s IT guy and he found out the password and put it on my android phone so I am connected at the school’s wifi but how could I find out the password so I can give it to my girlfriend too?
That colleague who obtained it wouldn’t tell me the password.

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It should be written on the back of the wireless router.

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LOL @Rock2…. yeah dude, I’m sure the password to the school’s wi-fi that you could only obtain because you know the IT guy is just right there on the back of the router. (HA!) So just break in to the server closet at your school, pick the lock on the cage with the router in it, flip that bad boy over and laugh at the poor IT security as you take down the password from the back of the router.

I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that’s probably not accurate.

Honestly, there’s probably not a way to do it on the android. Some browser plug-ins offer a way to show passwords filled in on forms, but unless you can find a similar gizmo for your phone browser, you might just have to buddy up with the IT dude again.

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@Rock2 might be correct if we were talking about a wi-fi router provided by your local ISP in someone’s home. But for a router that’s in use for commercial applications, no way—assuming you could even locate and handle the physical device in the first place.

Passwords are meant to be secret. That’s the whole point. So, no, even if you’re already connected, there’s not going to be an easy way to query the network and have it tell you the password.

One possibility: have you tried looking in the wi-fi settings for that network on your Android phone? Maybe, just maybe, your phone can tell you in the details it stores for that network. This would only work if the school’s router is prompting you for a WPA-kind of key though. (As opposed to the webpage-based authentication you normally see at hotels, airports, etc.)

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If you want to stay on good terms with your IT guy (and don’t want to see him fired), then don’t be giving out passwords / permissions / access that he has been kind enough (or indiscreet enough) to give you gratis.

Now you know the reason he didn’t give you the password.

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Paypal me some money and I can tell you, but otherwise don’t give out passwords. It’s obvious he was wise not telling you.

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If the key is saved to your computer then it is sitting saved in your registry for you to access (other moral stances may be available). In that case all you need to do to find the key is know where to look

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Be thankful he gave your phone the key. I am sure your girl friend can figure out something to do in order to get the IT guy to give it to her. :)

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To follow up, I also want to say I agree with everyone here… don’t give out passwords. It’s disrespectful, it’s a betrayal of trust and it compromises the security of the entire school and the IT guy’s job. It’s the reason he didn’t give you the password as well.

If your gal needs to hop online so bad, just piggyback off someone’s open or free public Wi-Fi. If none are in range, you can make an antenna out of a Pringles can. Seriously:

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