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What actions or things upset you?

Asked by jca (35976points) February 28th, 2012

This morning someone cut me off from the right, getting between my car and the car in front of me, where he did not have enough room, so he had to slam on the brakes. If I didn’t slam on the brakes, I would have hit him. It made me really mad. I don’t usually get mad at things, but this really pissed me off.

I also get mad when someone parks in my spot at work. We have assigned spots and the alternative is parking on the street and dealing with meters, so when someone’s in my spot it can be very inconvenient (plus I hate that someone is there that should be on the street themselves).

I am normally pretty mild mannered and I want to know what things or actions really upset others on Fluther.

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People with bad grammar. ~

When I see seniors being disrespected. I wouldn’t want to be treated that way when I get older.

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Traffic. I am a much friendlier passenger than driver. I’ve never been in an accident (knock on wood, scratch plastic) but I get very frustrated, stressed, tense and upset. As a passenger, I can be oblivious to it. As a driver, the things you mentioned fry my buns.
Traffic makes me swear and make up words, it makes me cranky and tell people to grow things : (

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We harshly criticise political candidates, but we’re also forgetting there are millions of people that actually like these people, which means many of these people actually believe some of the things they do. This is upsetting and makes me legitimately fearful of them.

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It upsets me when I answer a question on Fluther from a certain perspective and someone else rather than just answering the question from their perspective calls out my answer.

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When people walk in the middle of the aisle in a parking lot, or step off the sidewalk into the street whilst wearing headphones and looking down at their phone, never once looking up. I’m afraid that one day, I will accidentally back over or hit one of these people with my car and it scares me.

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If you have an assigned spot, then who parks in it? Colleagues? Or strangers?

I would think that if colleagues take your spot, you could win friends and influence people by parking right behind them.

As to people cutting in between you and the person in front of you. Life’s too short. Better leave a larger place between you and the next guy just in case someone needs to be there.

I have been rearended three times in two years because I had to slam on the breaks from following people closely. Now that I don’t do it, more people cut in front of me, but I haven’t gotten rear-ended in a while.

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People not taking personal responsibility are a cause of stress for me.

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I get really mad at bad customer service. I have to work really hard to keep customers happy in my business and when someone doesn’t give a shit about their customers I get really pissed off.

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Laziness upsets me—taking the easiest path rather than the best path. Other things that anger/upset me include willful deceit, abusive behaviors, condescending behaviors and generally just folks being mindless as they go through the day.

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@wundayatta: it’s a small parking lot so there is no room for me to park behind the car that’s in my spot, without blocking all traffic moving around in the lot The lot is labelled for us, and the spots are numbered, but I think people visiting that building think the lot is open to all. I think they drive right past the sign and just park. Then I have to tell the cop and he has to investigate it.

Yes, with the driving issue, I told myself just calm down and let it go.

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When I’m out in my wheelchair with my friends, people talking about me to them when they should be talking to me, as though it’s my brain or my mouth that’s disabled and not just my back & legs.

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@Bent , I HATE that!! They do that to the elderly too. When I go to any medical appointment with my mother in law they always talk to me. I am constantly telling them, “She’s an adult and it’s her health we’re talking about. Talk to HER!!”
My husband was in a wheel chair for 3 months after an accident and he gained a whole new empathy. Why would someone in a wheel chair not be able to think for themselves? He has a construction company and lost a huge deal because he did the bid walk in a wheel chair. The guy all but came out and admitted that he didn’t think he would be capable of doing the job (His employees would be doing the physical labor) because he was in a wheel chair.
So Iguess I would have to add, prejudice and injustice to the things that piss me off!

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People who smell of cabbage & stand right next to you in queues. Just…..fuck…, mmmkay!!

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People who don’t look where they’re going. This seems to be a fad around here. While walking around, especially in public buildings, it seems that so many people walk with their heads turned, they dart by corners at unbelievable speed, talking with one another or on cells and not looking in front of them…I’m constantly dodging people everywhere and slipping in between them like a ninja. I don’t want to crash into anyone. And good thing I look where I go, because nobody else seems to. So bloody annoying.

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@wundayatta The other reason that you may not have been rear ended lately is the fact that you have been assigned to be the jockey of the Flutherpede, rather than being one of the forward sections of it. ; P

sorry, I just couldn’t resist

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Ack! I just answered a question from Jude in which she suggests that nude pictures might bite you. Which made me think about private parts having teeth. Which… well… all I can say is that I’m glad the flutherpede is sewed together!

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