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What have you had to learn the hard way this week?

Asked by harple (10441points) February 28th, 2012

For me, it is that Assumption is the mother of all f***ups…

Thinking it through, I figure that the opposite of assumption is an informed opinion, and to get that we need to communicate what we are thinking, expecting or hoping, and check that against what others involved think, expect or hope for.

But it’s taken an upsetting falling out with a good friend to do that.

So what have you had to learn the hard way recently? How has it affected you? How will you move forward?

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I’m tired and not in a good mood because I’m hungover and got 4 hours of sleep. I can’t keep doing this…

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The same thing I keep learning the hard way over and over and over…plan your money better fat boy.

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Not to spend any of my time being mad at this girl. She’s just being your average, every day, hooker.

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That there are a lot of worthless questions on Fluther these days. (Not this one.)

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Keep track of when your major papers are due so they aren’t left until the last week (d’oh!)

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That if I want to stop being twacked in the head for being tardy to work, maybe I should actually get up earlier.

Which also means going to bed earlier.


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Yep, ass-sumption is the mother of all egoic folly.
Sounds like we are experiencing the same wave. I too have had a falling out with a highly arrogant and assumptive, presumptive, person this week. Actually they don’t know it, but now that I have identified them as a control freak I won’t be talking with them much, if at all, anymore.

Nazis abound. lol

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Once again: Don’t jump to conclusions! You worry for nothing.

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@marinelife Like what? I can spice it up if you want…..

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That a bikini wax might not hurt so bad if I did it more often. How has it effected me? It stung like a B!^@H! How will I move forward? Carefully today! ~

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Keeping busy with people is better for me right now than long periods of alone time. Had a great day on Sunday with lots of activity and then crashed on Monday when too much alone. I need to find more distractions/passtimes for the times when I am at home.

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That I will not be receiving an income tax refund this year. Boooooo

BUT, there is also some good news.

I do not have to pay any income taxes, either.

It’s rare for a person to have a “0” balance with the IRS, but that’s the way I planned it.

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Staring at a cardboard box filled with scores of family photos, dating back to 1912 is not going to organize them.

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That I must pay estimated taxes quarterly this year. I owe. A lot. :/

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It recently dawned on me that there are some people in my past that have no place in my future. Which is difficult for me to come to terms with sometimes because I’ve always been someone that places importance on the amount of time I’ve known someone.

But the problem with some of those old friendships is that a bunch of those people don’t seem very keen to treat me differently then when they first met me (5–9 years ago). And taking a look at them with a new perspective I realized ‘Wow I really don’t like these sorts of people now!’

Also learned I should never tie myself financially to friends because 5 years later I might realize they’re domineering fucks who I want nothing to do with and then I can’t just get away from them because I have to untie myself from them before I can completely rid myself of them. And that friend wants to try controlling my life by having a little part of my finances. lol. Awesome.

@augustlan I’m in the same boat. ugh. ):

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Humility. (Dealing with diminishing mobilty and other health issues that go along with having a spinal disability).

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@augustlan , I had a CPA once tell me, “You want to have a tax problem, that means you are making enough money to pay taxes.”

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Oh crap. did I get the effect affect thing mixed up again on my original answer?

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Everyone can disappoint you. Especially people important to you, it seems.

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That I need to lose some weight. That cost me the price of a new suit; the old one didn’t fit me any more.

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That my son just celebrated his 16th birthday!!!
Where the hell of all those years gone then eh…..tell me that & stay fashionable?

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That a totally interesting series of articles and a completely intriguing 4 hour discussion with a friend doesn’t necessarily translate into a good Fluther question.

I asked a question after a long, insightful discussion with a friend and my question went…

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That I should have gone to see the chiropractor months ago instead of thinking the pain would go away by taking drugs. One trip, a couple of snap, crackle and pops and I swear I feel like a new woman.
So longg my little pill buddies, I’ll miss you.

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That herding cats is an impossible task.

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