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What would you do in this situation?

Asked by Eggie (5833points) February 28th, 2012

What if one day you came home and saw a guy having sex with your wife in your bedroom? What if you actually saw the whole thing? Would you break in and beat the guy up? Would you leave and commit suicide? Would you break down and cry? What exactly would you do?

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Okay, because this is never going to happen I can have fun with it.
A pair of pliers & a blow torch for him.
Decree absolute for her.

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@ucme I have had testimonies of people who went through this so its not impossible…

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Quickly secure my bank accounts, contact an attorney and file for divorce.

It’s one thing for a spouse to have an affair. It’s quite another for the betrayal to happen in one’s own bed

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@Eggie Clearly I was referring to the healthy state of my own relationship.

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@ucme possibilities are endless….

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I have a friend who walked in on his wife and the gardener. He ordered the gardener to get out and never come back. He gave his wife 2 weeks to decide if she wanted to stay married to him. (She stayed.)

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@Sunny2 when you say walked in, are you talking about he walked in on them having sex?

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@Eggie I think she means they were playing Scrabble.

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@Blackberry Lol…keep the sarcasm please…they could be just kissing…

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No one and I mean no one, is worth going to prison over.

What if it was a woman and not a man in your bed? Now what? Is this still infidelity?

But, she said she was doing some undercover work for me.

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@john65pennington In that case I would walk in and ask what is going on….if the other happened…I really dont know what I would do. What if you saw a guy banging your wife in positions that you never tried before and she is screaming and enjoying it, wouldn’t you kill the guy being a police officer and all it would be would have an alabi.

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Eggie, I would never give an answer to your question on a site that goes around the world.

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@john65pennington that sounds like a yes

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@Eggie Yes. And the gardener ran into the bathroom and tried to hide. I mean, he could have hidden under the bed.

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@Sunny2 I suppose there is hope after all from that kind of affair….

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It was not a yes and it was not a no. I stand on the 5th Amendment.

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@john65pennington I hear ya bro smiles scarcastically

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No person, in their right mind, would answer your question. Sorry, but to answer this question would be like placing a rope around ones neck and waiting till the hangman said “go”.

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@Eggie Don’t be a jerk. @JP gave you his answer (which was, he pleads the 5th).

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@john65pennington I apologise…..didn’t mean any disrespect
I am sorry.

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Check to see if there’s 50 bucks on the night table.~
If not, kill the bastard.

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Hey you don’t have to kill the guy, there are many other things that you could do. I am just interested in what are they?

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Does it have to be a guy? ;)

It has only happened to me once but the other person was a girl, and we ended up having a trio (yes, just like those cheesy porno movies). But it was my girlfriend, not my wife and I never took that relationship so seriously.

To answer your actual question I think I’d say something like “oops”, close the door to not disturb them, then make the guy coffee or something. And then help my wife pack her things. Assuming a marriage is a relationship build on trust (and there is no agreement allowing cheating between the couple), such an act simply breaks that trust. I wouldn’t even feel hurt. Just disappointed.

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I think it’s tough, almost impossible to say what one would do until one was in that precise situation. You might think you would beat the person up, but in reality, you might run out of the room screaming, horrified. Who knows.

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This. Joke! I’m a girl so odds are pretty darn good it won’t happen to me.

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1) No,
2) No,
3) No,
4) Get a divorce attorney.

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I think I’d get a beer, sit down so the first thing they see coming out is me, and turn on the tv or some music. If I’m not doing it for her we need to talk and decide if it’s fixable. When faced with freakish stuff I usually go cold and calm.

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My friend had this happen to her, when she was 4 or 5 months pregnant. She turned around, and purposely fell down the stairs.

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