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Where can I watch/download Armitage III Dual Matrix?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) February 28th, 2012

After seeing Armitage III Poly Matrix I thought it was pretty awesome, and I saw that there was a second movie, Armitage III Dual Matrix, but I can’t find a copy to watch or download, ANYWHERE! Can any of you find a link to this movie?

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I used to have this! I might have sold it off or given it to someone though.

The company that held the license is long gone (as with quite a lot of anime companies these days) and it was never a big hit or anything. Finding it online would probably be tough at this point. Things have to retain a certain amount of popularity to continue to get seeded on the anime torrent sites, I even doubt if anime streaming sites would bother with it. It was an alright movie, but nothing very memorable in the grand scheme of anime.

Anyways. You can get it for a few bucks from Right Stuf (wonderful online anime store and they have a lot of stuff, and for good prices too.) Here you go If you just search for Armitage, there’s other dvd options or different versions and such.

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@xnightflowerx Alright, I’ll probably buy it with my next paycheck then, thanks.

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Legally, or illegally? :P

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@MilkyWay You know I swing either way XD

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