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Photographers: How would you go about giving an original photograph these textures?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) February 28th, 2012

1. I love the clarity on this, but the softness of the vintage feel, minus the vignette

2. With this photo I love the grain

Question: How can I achieve these effects with my DSLR? Can you please label them 1 and 2? Thank you so much. I run Photo Shop 5

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Do you want to take the original photograph to look like that, or edit a regular photo to get those effects afterwards?

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Well, I haven’t used photo shop in a long time. But when I used to, to achieve the effect of the sharpness vs fuzziness, just outline and select (I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the tool but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about) it, then select the opposite, then go to effects, and blur it. As for the second photo, isn’t there a filter for graininess?

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Yes there is a grain filter. How about for shooting it straight up with a dslr? How would I go about achieving grain? Just straight up massive amounts of iso?

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@whitecarnations I believe thats the key. I have never liked grain so I don’t experiment with it ever if I can avoid it, but my ex was always trying to achieve some level of graininess and thats what he’d do, pump up the ISO (sang to the tune of pump up the jam)

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Photos with an effect like the one in the first picture are one of the main reasons I like using film over digital…I feel like all of my photos have more of that contrast from super focused to perfectly fuzzy. Thanks for reminding me to go take more pictures

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If I wanted to achieve the effects that are in the first photo using Photoshop, I would select the part of the photo I want to be sharp, then command, shift i, to select the inverse and apply a gausian blur. Shooting it like that in the camera would be done by adjusting the depth of field.

To achieve grain in photoshop, I think you just increase the noise.

I quickly did this one a while ago. I was not too particular in selecting, I was just playing around.

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I like @rooeytoo‘s suggestions for the first picture, both suggestions.
In particular you can achieve most of what’s lovely about that one by shooting it that way. Setting a shallow depth of field with a wide aperture is the easiest way to get that “SLR” look with the background out of focus.
And if you already shot the pic and want more background blur rooey’s methods with the gaussian blur on the background are on the money. The challenge with that is getting the selection around the figures precisely defined.

The second pic mostly looks like you’d want to map the colors into ‘sepia’ tones.

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