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Davy Jones of the Monkees has died. What is your favorite episode or song of his?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24571points) February 29th, 2012

Only 66 years old. Death reported as a heart attack.

I was a big fan of the Monkees. Saw a couple of concerts. Waited in line a couple of hours to have Davy sign his autobiography when I was about 13. Such a cutie.

Please share a fav song, thought or TV clip here.

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I don’t have a favorite episode. I caught the show in the late 80’s, though. My favorite Monkey was Peter Tork. He was a cutie.

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Sad. Daydream Believer

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Nooooooo. I loved him when I was but a wee sma’ thing. I used to fantasize about meeting him because my 8th grade English teacher was childhood friends with Peter Tork, and somehow I saw that as translating to my nuptials with Davey Jones.
I loved all their stuff with the true zeal of a squealing groupie.

Psst… @Jude, two “E“s

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RIP Davy! “I’m a Believer”

I had such a crush on Davy.

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Girl Clip from the Brady Bunch

I had all of the TV episodes on VHS. I stayed awake for the 24hr marathon on MTV (about 20 some yrs ago now)…was planning to see the “Monkees” (which had currently consisted of only Davy & Mickey) this summer. :(

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Well, for me it would be I’m A Believer. A friend and I developed a little dance routine that we used to do to that song in high school.

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^^ Great song.
Written by Neil Diamond I believe.

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Oh my gosh..really?
I was madly in love with Davey Jones and the Monkees when I was about 8 years old. Friday nights at 8 pm and I remember being absolutely giddy after the show, daydreaming about him in my backyard on summer nights in a chaise lounge. Oh shit…another notch on the belt of becoming an archaic relic of ancient history. :-(

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He plays at several smaller venues in Florida. I’m sad to say I’m missed him serveral times in the past year. Rest in Peace, Davy Jones. You were my sister’s first crush and The Monkeys was a real impressionable era in my life. “If I could fly beneath the wing of a blue bird….”

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I loved that show. I’m another who had a crush on Davy Jones, what a loss.

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I’ve just told the wife Davy Jones from the Monkees has died! At first I think she thought I was lying and then I saw her face! Now she’s a bereaver!

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@Mat74UK Very good, very! LOL

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Day Dream Believer was my favorite song. I had his poster up in my bedroom as a teenager. I also had a small one in my locker at school. I loved the episode on the Brady Bunch where he came to visit Marsha. I wanted him to come visit me too.

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Last Train to Clarksville

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I like the Shrek version of Daydream Beleiver. haha

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I have been bombarded with condolence e-mails and texts from family and friends all morning. I was madly in love with Davy when I was 13, and after that it just became a family joke of sorts. I went to a concert of his in the 90’s and got a picture with him. I have autographed pictures of him in my office, including a 1960’s poster that he autographed for me in the 90’s. My kids always bring me any Monkee memorabilia they happen across; Monkeemobiles, lunch boxes, dolls, puppets, blankets, PJ’s.

Now the shocker – I never liked their music!

I know which episode I liked. It was one where Davy’s grandfather came over from England to take him back home.

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Today is a very sad day for me. Some of you know that I am one of the biggest Monkees fans on the planet. I saw Davy and The Monkees in concert about 20 times and I had the pleasure of meeting all 4 of them. I even got to go to the ceremony where The Monkees received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Davy was such a sweetie pie, he always made time to chat with his fans and pose for pictures with them. This news came as a complete shock to me. I am in communication with old friends that I haven’t seen in years because of this news. It’s so bittersweet. It’s like my childhood has finally come to an end, even though I’m in my 40’s : (

My favorite episode was The Devil and Peter Tork (this is part 1).

I watched their movie, Head, about a billion times and one of my favorite scenes is the one in which Davy is dancing, and the film alternates between him wearing a black suit and white suit. It’s very psychedelic. You can see that Here

My favorite Monkees song (and any song for that matter) of all time is Porpoise Song

So now I’m just going to sit in a corner and listen to This Song

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[mod says] This is our Question of the Day! Rest in peace, Davy.

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Who is that?

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I thought i’d heard he’d fallen from his boat & drowned‘_Locker, no?

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omg. I hadn’t heard about this. I love Daydream Believer too. RIP Davy. :(

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I loved the Monkees. They were my favourite group when I was a little tacker. And he was a Mancunian!

I can’t pick a favourite. Depends on my mood. I think I will have a YouTube Monkees session in honour of Davey.

I read about his death very early this morning and sang to my husband “Cheer up sleepy John….” Strangely he wasn’t appreciative. Hmmmph.

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Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
I probably play it at least once a week.

R.I.P Davy

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I had a crush on him as a kid. Sad to hear this news :(

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Trivia: David Bowie’s real name is David Jones. He had to change his stage name, so not to be confused with the Monkee.
Davey Jones was so popular, Star Trek created a character that looked like him Hello, Chekov!

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Another bit of trivia about Davy Jones. Before he was in The Monkees he was a child actor playing the part of the Artful Dodger on Broadway. Well, just by chance, Davy and the cast of Oliver happened to be on the same exact episode of the Ed Sullivan show the night that The Beatles made their first appearance, so Davy actually met The Beatles even before they became friendly rivals in the swinging sixties music scene. You can see that clip Here

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My very favorite song was Girl he sung it on The Brady Bunch. As I said in a Facebook post, it was to childhood obsessions coming together, The Monkees (which I watched in reruns) and The Brady Bunch (which I watched in prime time). I still know the lyrics. Davy proved his awesomeness when he performed the song in The Brady Bunch Movie.

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@SuperMouse I had the very fortunate experience of seeing a live version play of The Brady Bunch (all played by adult actors, not the original kids). It was super funny because it was played completely straight. They would literally take an episode of the Brady Bunch and do every line from start to finish. So I happened to obtain tickets for the night they were doing the Davy Jones episode, and he actually played himself, and re-created that whole situation with Marcia, complete with the song! The majority of the audience consisted of a bunch of my friends who were also Monkees geeks. It was magical, except for the fact that this was about a week after Robert Reid (Papa Brady) passed away.

Here is a more recent grunge version of Davy singing Girl from the Brady Bunch Movie. It’s a very cute movie and Davy is actually in it!

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@SpatzieLover Yes, I read that and really like his humorous style, the joke about ” Hi, I’m Davy Jones dad, Davy will be out in a minute.” lol
Gotta keep the humor as we ascend the mountain of mortality. ;-)

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I had a crazy crush on him! The Monkees were one of the only 4 shows I watched on TV until I was 8. Never watched anything other than those 4— Batman, Superman, Gilligan’s Island and Monkees. I liked all the shows.

Just introduced my daughter to their songs. RIP Davy…

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@Coloma I saw The Real Live Brady Bunch a couple of times. One was the Johnny Bravo episode! I totally agree with you!

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One of my friends, who lives in L.A. just went over to The Monkees star and placed some flowers. She said there was a handful of people over there who were just stunned and sadddened. I’ve been on FB all day long with friends and relatives. Such a terrible loss.

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@SuperMouse Sorry, I just noticed, through my tears, that you had posted the song from the movie. I thought it was the original song from the series. Both were awesome! Friends have been coming out of the woodwork all day long. Me and a bunch of friends were complete Monkees geeks. This is such a shocking and unexpected day for me. I have a sh*tpile of fanzines to go through tomorrow. I’m going to mail some of them to friends, and maybe make a collage out of the rest of them.

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Another vote for Daydream Believer.

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Just wanted to post a picture of my friend and I with our Monkee stuff in 1968, and me with Davy during his Teen Idol Tour in 1998. Yes, I am also a Monkee geek.

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@Skaggfacemutt Ahhhhhh, that is so sweet : ) I noticed that you also have a picture of you with Peter Noone! I like him too and got to see a really great concert called The Teen Idols Tour with Davy Jones, Peter Noone and Bobby Sherman about 10 years ago.

I’m going to try to find a couple of pictures that I got with Davy during the 1980’s reunion tours. What a bummer we didn’t have digital cameras back then. I have hundreds of photos that I’ll have to go through.

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Yes, Peter Noone was so sweet. When he put his arm around me for the picture, I thought he was going to squeeze me to death. Davy was less gracious – but then he had the flu at the time. His friend Jerry, was nice (too nice, actually. He was hitting on me later that night. I had to literally shake him off of me.) I have added my pictures of Jerry to the above link for you. Can’t wait to see yours.

The picture of Jerry and Davy together is interesting. I got up, stumbled over to the window of my hotel room, pulled open the curtains, and this is the view I got. What a shock! Davy and his friend was actually THIS CLOSE to my face. That was only the first crazy story that I have from that trip. I would have to write a novel to tell you the rest. Ha-ha.

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@Skaggfacemutt, thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos of some really beautiful people.

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Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for taking the time to look at them. With Davy’s passing, it felt good to relive those memories.

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