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What do you cold weather runners wear? Do you have special winter shoes, socks, etc?

Asked by rooeytoo (26961points) February 29th, 2012

I have been living in the tropics for the last 8 years and have run in as little clothing as is socially acceptable. Now I am in a relatively cold climate, no snow but often rainy and blowy. I just don’t know how to dress. I hate being cold but too many clothes and it is too hot! What miracle fabrics are you wearing, what do you recommend?

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All the major athletic clothing companies (ie Puma, Nike, Under Armour, etc) make clothing appropriate to the climate. They have the technology to make lightweight clothing that keeps you warm, wicks away moisture and is fashionable. Also good is a North Face fleece as a jacket to wear over a moisture wicking tank top. As far as shoes, I wear regular athletic sneakers with socks. There is the headband that covers your ears and any pair of gloves will do.
It also may take your body a while to adjust to the climate and ghet used to running in those types of conditions.
(sorry I don’t know if you are a woman or man, but I am a woman so these are women’s clothing)

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Polyester layer on the skin, a zippered windbreaker on the outside, as many layers in between as you need.

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I run in -30c snowy conditions all the time due to my location. I have an awesome wicking top that I wear as a base layer. Then I add a fleece layer and then finally a wind/waterproof outer shell. That does for extremely cold weather. I wear gloves that I can easily take off and tuck into a pocket for when I start to get really warm. I also make sure I wear a neck warmer.

My next purchase will be some winter running pants. I am currently using a single layer of polyester but that isn’t enough when it gets really cold.

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Thank you for you great answers. I will have to go to the sports store and pick up some new gear. Tonight when we walked the dogs it was blowing a cold heavy mist and I kept thinking if I were running in this I would be freezing! It is going to take a bit of getting used to.

It is my feet that worry me, I absolutely hate wet cold feet! It really seems as if something extra is needed.

@tranquilsea – you are indeed a dedicated runner to face such brutal conditions. I am curious, what is your general location? No wonder your pup is so bundled up in your avatar pic!!!

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@rooeytoo lol. I’m in Calgary. It is pretty dry area so even when it gets cold it’s not as bad as when there is a lot of humidity in the air. My running shoes are mesh and I just make sure I wear two pairs of socks with the outer pair being made of wool. I’ve splashed through the periodic puddle but my feet are so warm the water doesn’t bother me past the initial shock of cold.

I love how peaceful the parks are in winter although I was menaced by a pack of coyotes a few weeks back. I got to practise my backwards walking/running that day.

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@tranquilsea – ahhhh no wonder! Makes my new climate look like nothing!

I just saw a pair of Asics that have gore tex in the mesh, they looked like they would work well, I might try them. It does rain a LOT here!!!

I have never faced coyotes but when living in the Northern Territory (of Australia that is) I have seen many wild dingos and almost was trampled by a big roo who I startled. Also you have to watch out for wild pigs and the water buffalo usually kill a tourist or two most years. Makes life an adventure hey!!!

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@rooeytoo no kidding. What was interesting to me was how my dog reacted. He usually barks at anything foreign but he was silent as all those coyotes howled at us.

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That was probably a smart move on your dog’s part!

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