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What do you think about your diet?

Asked by abysmalbeauty (2734points) February 29th, 2012

I’ve done quiet a few diets but never considered my nutrition until recently. What do you think about your diet in relation to your health and well being? Do you hold yourself responsible for providing yourself with optimum nutrition? Do you not care and why not?


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I think I should eat a lot less cholesterol than I do. I also think I should go back to no dairy or very limited. Otherwise I think I am ok. At times I do these things I mentioned for a few months, and then fall of the wagon.

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Uhh… SUGAR! I love sugar. Meh. I’m hoping for an early death anyway.

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@JLeslie why do you “fall off he wagon” does the importance of your health in relation to whatever else is going on in your life lessen from time to time?

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@tinyfaery soda is sure to help with that as well as fast food

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@abysmalbeauty I think since it affects my health in the future it is easy to ignore it, or be in denial about it. I do feel better when I eat very well, but I also enjoy some of the bad foods. Some of it is habit, not just what I eat, but habit about the food I buy, what I cook, etc. If someone cooked for me all the time, or if healthy, easy to pick up food sold near me, I would do better more consistantly.

Also, if there were inexpensive easy to use home cholesterol tests I might be more vigilant also.

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It’s balanced with plenty of protein, fruit, and vegetables. I usually cook a big healthy casserole or stew at the beginning of the week and then eat the leftovers for the next few days. OTOH, I have bad habits like drinking too much coffee at any time of day and skipping breakfast.

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I just googled and it seems there are reasonably priced home cholesterol tests. I might start using one every couple of months. Might keep me in line better.

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I’m really fine with it. It’s never really a problem, because whatever nutrient I’m low on, I tend to crave. I really don’t have to put much work into having a balanced diet so long as I’m guided by what sounds good to eat. Plus, I’d really rather be a little bit nutritionally deficient than have all this massive anxiety about each and every meal.

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My doctor has me visit a nutritionist, so I know I am eating healthy.

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I care more about where my food comes from than whether it’s good for me. Fortunately, food that comes from good places tends to be good for you.

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I think I eat pretty healthy though I could cut back on my citrus intake.

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We are very healthy. We eat lean meat and fresh or frozen vegetables, lots of dairy and eggs including butter, plenty of ice cream, and preservative-free home baked goods including cookies and bread. I eat a good bit of fruit too.

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I’m a sugar type myself and have cut out most of it again since the holidays. Otherwise yes, I feel I eat well. Lately I have been addicted to baked salmon with asparagus.
I can’t get enough.

I eat lots of fresh fruits & veggies, fish, occasional chicken and eggs, beef rarely and my other love is cheese. I refuse to give up cheese and infact just received a special order of 4 different varieties from a coastal organic cheese factory in my state. I have 9 months of cheese in my fridge right now, Caraway Jack, garden Jack, Salami cheddar, sharp cheddar….ooooh cheese!

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I don’t eat enough, but the food I do eat is healthy for me. I love sugar, but I’ve learned to eat it in moderation.

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I enjoy sweet and/or fatty foods but I always make myself work for them. I excercise regularly (deliberately in the gym but also just during my day to day life) so I don’t feel guilty about the naughty things I eat. On the whole my diet is the “everything in moderation” kind. Luckily for me I enjoy many healthy meals as well. I love vegetables in particular.

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