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Good mood triggers?

Asked by newtscamander (2843points) March 1st, 2012

Is there anything – from a specific meal, to a special song or a feel-good movie, a best friend, etc – that always cheers you up when you’re down? What is it?

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Taking a walk through some woods especially near a lake or stream.

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Driving without traffic.

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Nature, hanging out with my pets, floating in my hot tub under the stars, avoiding toxic personalities. lol

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A good cup of coffee in the morning. Crawling into my bed with freshly clean, soft flannel sheets. Having a laugh with my girlfriend.

Coming home to my place after a long day.

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E-mails or phone calls with dear friends, cozy flannel nightgowns, my stuffed penguin bedfellow, hot baths, talking with my sons (and baking cookies for @cprevite .)

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a nap
being outside on a windy day
hugging my wife or daughter
having a really productive day
hanging out with my pooch

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Gilmore Girls
Dog training
No One by Alicia Keys
Laughing with my boyfriend

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Puppies always bring a smile to my heart.

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^^ Dog and cat tummies.

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The word “tummies.” ^^

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The greeting my dog give me when I get home.

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@downtide That’s my number one mood enhancer, too. After days of rain I can’t wait for a little sunshine.

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S’all the Vitamin D your absorbing.

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Oh, and boobs.

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@zensky Sure. That needed to be said.

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Joe’s Way Bacon Pizza. Made by a awesome real Italian dude from the town I grew up in. I usually just refer to it as Orgasm Pizza. One is being delivered to me by my friend right now!!

Warm summer night bike rides.

Coffee always improves my mood.

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Kickboxing nuns

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A big hug (even from my dog or cat)
Music – put something like “Walking on Sunshine” on or a bouncy, happy song and how can you feel like crap?
Talking with a friend who always makes you laugh.
Meeting with someone who has it far worse than you do and who makes you realise your problems are so insignificant and to get over yourself and be thankful for what you have.
Nature… nature…nature… birds, bees, flowers, trees, the ocean… just wonderful.

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My friend Sam at school never fails to make me laugh.
Piano music usually gets me in a good mood…
Looking out the window, sitting on the roof at sunset, feeling the wind blow across my face…

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Thursday nights.

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Let’s Go to The Mall has an amazing power to cheer me up :)

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A treasure-hunting type of shopping trip.

Some songs, I just think of and they put me in a good mood.

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