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Can I use my ATM card in Denmark?

Asked by gaucho76 (4points) March 1st, 2012

I don’t want to use my credit card in Europe. Can I use my ATM?

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I used mine in Denmark. I think as long as you have the sign that corresponds with the ATM, you’ll be fine. These are signs like the VISA logo, or CO-OP network, Pass etc.

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hat kind of ATM card is it? (The logos should be on the back of the card.)

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You will pay a fee unless your bank has an agreement with the European bank you use. Bank of America has a no-fee agreement with one bank in most of the countries in Europe.

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Yes, you can use it to pull money out of ATM’s. But don’t plan on using it the way you may use it as a debit card in the States (I’m assuming you’re Ameican). Most of Europe is converting to a chip and pin system, and most American cards are unreadable in the new system. They can still be swiped the old-fashioned way, but be ready for confusion. Train kiosks in Holland and Germany, for instance, won’t accept cards without a chip on them.

Here’s a Fodor’s forum thread I found about the issue.

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Just make sure you let your bank know you will be using the card in Europe, and the dates so they don’t assume it is an attempted theft and block the transactions.

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@Mamradpivo ‘s point is a good one. We cannot use our debit or credit cards at ticket machines in France.

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Call your bank ahead of time to let them know you’ll be using your ATM card out of the country. Otherwise, they will most likely flag your account, assuming there is some fraud going on.

Also, check with them about whether they have agreements with any banks in Denmark, so you could use ATMs/cashpoints without a fee.

And yes, you likely won’t be able to use your debit card at credit card swipe-points in Europe because the card readers aren’t compatible. I’m going to France soon and I’ll only be using my debit card for cash withdrawal.

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