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If I want to make a semi-homemade rugelach with store-bought, pre-made dough (i.e. Pillsbury), which type of dough would work best?

Asked by jca (35976points) March 1st, 2012

I have been tossing around the idea of an imitation, semi-homemade-ish rugelach with a pre-made, store bought dough, like Pillsbury. I want to know from my cooking Flutherites which dough would be the closest to the traditional rugelach dough (which is kind of flaky and made with cream cheese, I think).

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It really is the dough that makes them so special so it won’t be the same, but I guess I would use a pie dough rather than a filo or strudel dough which wouldn’t be rugelachy at all. I make my own but only about once a year because it is a pain.

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Maybe pie dough, or the flaky biscuit dough? The regular biscuit definitely not. I buy the flaky biscuits frozen, not sure if it comes refridgerated? But, you could defrost and reshape. Also the cinnamon rolls reshaped and add some chocolate maybe? But, the cinnamon rolls are sort of too puffy for what you are looking for. None of those are exactly right, but I think they might pass.

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Fake-Out Rugelach from Rachel Ray. <<<Made with 2 pie crusts

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Definitely pie dough. But it won’t be real rugelach unless you make your own dough with cream cheese.

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What about crescent rolls? Just push the sections together into one large sheet of dough?

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Personally, I think crescent rolls would taste better @marinelife.

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This looks really yummy. Almond toffee rugalech made with pie crusts.

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