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who is the most famous man in the world?

Asked by leoyuyu (1points) June 27th, 2007

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I think I want you to define famous before I respond. Are we talking about most well known?

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And, you only want to know about men? Not women?

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Living or dead?

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Living I would say George Bush (not the most popular) and past I would say Moses!

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Google thinks it's Brad Pitt at the moment.

I would say, based on percentages, probably Jesus of Nazareth (based on this website's data: )

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Michael Jackson. His name was bigger than Cola at some point.

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Nelson Mandela - almost unknown in 1990 he is insy=tantly recongnisable worldwide these days - a true human icon

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ghandi – find someone more peaceful, i think not?

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The Pope is iconic, although many people could not tell you the current Pope’s chosen name.

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