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What bedding to buy for a newborn?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) March 1st, 2012

hey all,

So I bought a moses basket – which is so cute but I’m finding it hard to find a sheet for it.
I have 3 fitted sheets now I just want a top sheet to tuck her in.
I’m planning on swaddling her – given she likes it and then a sheet with a blanket, but I can’t for the life of me find a plain sheet that has no elastic for a moses bed.
Dimensions : 27” by 12” just little – any ideas what i can do for a top sheet or where I can buy one?
It can be a bit bigger but I’m having serious issues finding anything.

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If you’re swaddling her and using a blanket or comforter, you don’t need a top sheet too. That will be too many layers when you need to get to her.

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No blankies other than the swaddling for a babe that fits in a Moses basket.

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We used a Moses Basket with our newborn daughter as well.. but it never had a top sheet. Just a little receiving blanket on top or swaddling should do..

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ok .. so I dont need a top sheet? I’ve been reading that people received a moses blanket bundle but i got the same as you @geeky_mama – ok so I can stop stressing out about the top sheet! goodness so many new things to learn!

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Yes – no need at all. I didn’t even use a top sheet in the crib ever.

And don’t worry – there is a lot to learn but you will and most of it isn’t critical besides lots of love.

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If you want to have a top sheet on hand, buy one with the elastic and then remove it and rehem.

No need to stress about anything. The rules are flexible; every baby is different; you can wrap her in a sweater or shawl or tablecloth and it won’t matter.

She will outgrow that Moses basket fairly soon anyway.

Have you delivered yet? If so, congratulations.

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hey @gailcalled no havn’t delivered yet, another hmm who knows – I“m at the end of my 36th week, she’s ‘due’ 25th March so not long now – goodness, yes you’re right no need to stress…. very excited though… and nervous but you guys have been amazing help so thank you!

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We love answering taking care of baby questions. Come back any time.

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If I was a baby, I’d be miserable wrapped up like a mummy. Just sayin’...

And if it’s called a Moses Basket, does that mean it floats?

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I guess if your concerned about it getting dirty you can try buying a zipper pillow case that you use for allergies. They make them water and bug proof. I would think a queen size should fit the mat easily enough, and you can tuck in the sides or safety pin it on the bottom so it won’t slip out.

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Because everyone is paranoid about SIDS, you will not likely find a top sheet these days. It’s all about no blankets except for a swaddler and no toys. While it lowers the risk, the risk for SIDS is really low, so I’m not trying to freak you out. Just telling you why you’re most likely having trouble. There are plenty of nice sleepers that aren’t too hot or too cold for baby.

My main advice is to get a hold of some of the hospital sized swaddling blankets. Those little ones you get at target don’t cut it. They are way too small to swaddle any baby over 8 pounds. The hospital had these really nice ones that were about the size of 4 of those little blankets. They were so easy to swaddle with.

My daughter is 17 months and she still doesn’t use a top sheet. We have a few blankets in there, but she just snuggles them. She rolls around too much to keep a blanket on and hasn’t really figured out that they keep her warm. I am guessing we won’t use top sheets or blankets until she’s old enough for a big bed. Kids today.. freaks!

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Moses baskets are cute, but they make me nervous. You can’t find fitted sheets for them. And the idea of using unfitted sheets gives me the heebie-jeebs.

I’m in the paranoid camp. (Next door neighbor’s kid died of SIDS when I was little.) Needless to say, I wouldn’t use a blanket either. Just a swaddle. We used a Halo SleepSack. But a lot of moms I know swear by the Wombie.

When you move the baby to a crib, I’d skip the bumpers too.

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Just use a swaddle pod or some blankets for swaddling. Make sure it’s tight because they can come undone pretty easily.

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