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If you were a homeless person, what would your cardboard sign say?

Asked by AshLeigh (16183points) March 1st, 2012

This could be interesting…

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Keep Out!

I have my cave all picked out, so I wouldn’t really be homeless by my standards. Society however has a different definition of homeless.

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“will work for a while”

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“Taco Bell, plz?”

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Not “Yo quiero?”

I saw a picture of a girl with a sign saying, “Blame me for everything for $1” I liked that :D

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“Expert marksman, you don’t give me money, I keeelllll you.”

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Rest in peace. I wouldn’t survive one day out in the cold and filth.

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“Keep your fuckin’ dollar, asshole!”

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this could be you

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There are beautiful birds, here and there, on the television; they’re beautiful; but they don’t have any dollars to give me so fuck them, I need a dollar.

The line is shamelessly stolen from this song.

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My other home’s a penthouse in Beverly Hills.

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“Thank you for sharing your good fortune”

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Spread love

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There are signs I’ve seen with guys holding signs that said ” Too Ugly To Prostitute ”. I thought it was kind of quirky but knowing the situation it’s sad.

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Need help to get back on feet… is what my sign would say.

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Will Engineer for Housing!

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‘Can I stay at your place?’

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“Have a nice day!” and I would smile and wave.

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Screw it, I’m done trying. Drugs or alcohol please.

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“Be grateful that you can walk away from this”

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Pay It Forward

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I pay no taxes!

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Well, I’d be pushing around a shopping cart with my pet geese in it, sooo, my sign would say ” Can you spare some bread?”

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Any spare hope?

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@CaptainHarley are there days when your sign would read “will work AT sex”?

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ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLMAO!!!!! (and I have NEVER said that before @rojo)!!!! Oh, that was great!

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“Free fortune telling. Tips over $10 appreciated.”

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“Help me, I am a teacher.”

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I’m a teacher. I don’t need help. Except…I’m in jail is all.

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@Dutchess_III WTF? You’re in jail? What’d you do, “google” a student????

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Can I hang out with you for awhile?

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That would be implied. I’ve ALWAYS “worked at” sex! : D

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I’m Homeless and my giant cat is hungry
I’m Homeless and someone shaved my giant cat.

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Get me outta here

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“Where’s the Beef?”

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Please splash dirty water on me and then spit in my face.

I deserve worse.

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Rush Limbaugh is a slut!

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Hobo To Rent
And A Piano, And A Harp

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damn ^^ @rebbel got there first! ~

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Will fuck for food.

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Will fix your stuff for food.

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You know, a lot of people really respond well to humor, so I might even make a sign that says:

“Will protect you from zombies for food”
“Will save you from sparkly vampires for food”

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One of us was gonna end up homeless. I took one for the team.

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For $10 I will tell your kids how fucked up my life is, and urge them to study hard!

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“Ich wil den Klavierstein!”

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You know I honestly don’t know. How could I know?

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I’ll soon be dead baby. (“Dead baby”—Get it? Hilarious!).

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Give me some blueberries, right now. Pretty please?

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It’s not Rush Limbaugh who’s the slut, but the girl who had neumerous sex partners and wanted the US Government to pay for her birth control. Now THAT’S slutty! : )

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Some of the answers on here are really hilarious :) hehe

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@Symbeline Damn it…you took my answer. LOL
Seriously…you did though. :)

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@CaptainHarley It is not illegal to be a slut, nor for guys like me, immoral. It is a healthcare issue, imo. Limbaugh is making it a moral and sexual issue in the most despicable way. : )

To answer the OP…

Will vote Republican if you fuck Limbaugh in the ass.

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Will do a rain dance for fruit.

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Pssst… @mazingerz88 and @CaptainHarley, I think I already have a thread about them! XD

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@Only138 If we ever meet and one of us is homeless, that will work out pretty good then. ^^

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@Symbeline Yeah, I guess it would, eh? LMAO

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“Need $$ for thicker sharpie. Thank you!”

“Don’t do meth!”

“Must have the new Jay-Z album!”

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I got yer hot spot! Right here!!

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“Donate money for Alcohol Research”

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“Will run in your front yard, and slap my own ass for money.”

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Smiles granted for free.

Kindness fuels hope.

Bank shots get a picture for posterity.

Free throw, no refunds

Prime real estate willing to trade squatters rights for cash.

Aren’t I annoying get rid of me for spare change.

I would play a sax but I need to buy one first.

Have sax need lessons.

Need more lessons.

To stop the assault on your ears fill meter.

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“will twerk for chicken”

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“I don’t smell that bad.”

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It’s not my fault I’m homeless; I voted Mondale.

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