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How am I already signed up for the draft?

Asked by NateT (20points) March 1st, 2012

Today I went online to sign up for the draft, and after I put in all my information (name, age, gender, soc #, ect.) and sent it in, I got a message saying that I had already signed up for the draft Feb 16, 2011. I have no recollection of even thinking about signing up for the draft that time last year. I’m kind of worried that somebody out there knows my social security number and it’s kind of freaking me out. What do you guys think this means? Could my mother or father have already signed me up without my knowledge, or do you guys think someone has my SS#?

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The government already knows all that stuff. It is possible that they did it themselves without involving anybody else.

Just out of curiosity, what dealings have you had with the government recently? Have you tried for a drivers license? Filed taxes? Anything like that?

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No, I’ve had my drivers license for over two years now, and I’ve also never gotten any notifications about signing up for this. I haven’t filed taxes yet, but I did get a possession charge around Thanksgiving last year, and served no time in jail, or even had community service; could that have had anything to do with it?

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If there was paperwork, yes.

When you are charged, the police generally take your info, and they don’t get rid of it if the charges are dropped/dismissed.

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@NateT, I’d definitely pickup the phone and call the Selective Service folks to ask: 1–888-655–1825

There’s no legitimate way I can think of for some other local, state, or federal office to take your personal information and unilaterally register you for the draft. For one thing, everyone has the option to register as a conscientious objector… and only you can make that determination, not some wonk down at the DMV office.

The only methods of registration the SSS explains are:
– Online at their website
– At the Post Office by filling out a form
– On the application form for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA)
– By meeting a SS registrar at your high school

If none of those sounds familiar, you will want to notify the SSS and you’ll probably want to pull a copy of your credit report to ensure your identity isn’t being used for profit.

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It was the FAFSA. I signed up for that last year.

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First question is are you 18? If your 18 and about to graduate high school and are male (which I assume you are seeing as your name is Nate) you have to be registered with the Selective Service before you can use ANY governmental or state benefit or process. Also, you mentioned getting charged but beating it. That WILL put you into the draft pool too. All males in the united states are required to be registered with the SS, when they check your SSN it shows if you are or aren’t. As a way of being D-bags they probably signed you up instead of punishing you. You do need to call and ask HOW you got registered, because the way you are registered can affect a lot of things in your future.

Also, if your planning on going to college you have to be (males) registered with SS to apply for grants, and you could get heavily fined or jailed for not being registered and pulling government money.

I highly suggest you go through google and read EVERYTHING there is to know about Selective Service, I didn’t have that opportunity when I was graduating high school.

If your 18 your parents can’t sign you up “legally” but it does happen a lot since they have your information. That’s still perjury, but if you wanted to sign up anyway you can let it slide. But seriously call and find out how you got registered, they have to mail a card to your address and if someone signed up using your information the card won’t come to your address.

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