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Can you get unemployment benefits if you've worked 4 years in WA but relocate to CA and lose your job?

Asked by guitarhero1983 (135points) March 1st, 2012

Or do you have to start over in CA? Anyone know anything about the unemployment system in CA? Could I move back to WA and collect benefits there?

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Unemployment benefits have a time limit to apply. How many months were you working in Ca? I remember when I applied it asked about how much I made in the last 3 months I was working. And that’s where my insurance was based off of.

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I worked for years in NH, moved to WA, worked for only a month at a job that paid me nearly double what I earned in NH before getting laid off, and collected NH unemployment based of of the first four out of the last five quarters wages, every penny of which was earned in NH.

Be warned that interstate claims can be a bitch since neither state wants to pay. It took me two months of hearings to collect, then after 12 months, they wanted the EUC portion of it back because they felt that WA should have paid that, and it took nearly two years, three hearings, and a good lawyer to not only avoid repaying over $6500 that I didn’t owe but also collect the last month of benefits I was entitled to. My story is far from unique, and most such stories involve interstate claims.

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The unemployment department in California will reach back into your Washington records to calculate your benefits. just go in and file and tell them what you said in this question.

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