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Best 24- or 22-TFT display for photography and indesign-stuff?

Asked by unddiefliege (115points) May 23rd, 2008

planning on buying a new screen as support for my 15inch powerbook. important: high resulotion (for space), high image quality (aperture, indesign, photoshop). maybe even option to tilt screen by 90°...

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or do you know some reliable weblinks for hardware testing?

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It sounds like you’d need color accuracy more than response time. Look for displays that use a Super-IPS (S-IPS) panel. Alternatively, if you’re doing alot of black&white work, you might be better served by a PVA or MVA panel, as they deliver blacker blacks than most.

And that is probably the best advice I can give; shop by panel type, not manufacturer. Many display makers will use the same panels from the same manufacturers. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a monitor, so I can’t recommend any current models.

Oh, and you definately don’t want a TN panel. They sacrifice everything for response time (pixel turning on/off). Great for gamers, bad for everyone else.

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yeah – just started the “intensive” research for buying a monitor yesterday and stumbled across that terms too. xyzzy, you’re definetly right: dont need response time.

i was really surprised i couldnt find a webpage yet specialized on testing monitors for picture quality junkies…

any ideas?

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