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What is the most effective way to "network"?

Asked by thetypicalusername (199points) May 23rd, 2008

I am trying to start a new business and have never networked in my life! I have no idea how to get started. Mahalo in advance for your knowledge and advice! :)

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Wear brown lipstick

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Look for women’s business organizations in your area. Women in business tend to support each other and patronize each other’s businesses. They should have luncheons and meetings you can attend.

Create a profile on LinkedIn.

I might have more specific suggestions if I knew what type of business you are trying to start and what help you are looking for from the networking.

Feel free to send it to me by comment if you prefer.

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Also start with friends and family – work your existing contacts.

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There is this thing called BNI that’s designed with this purpose in mind. (
There should be a local chapter in your city.

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join the chamber of commerce. Get in the advertising magazines, go to their events, go to seminars related to your business.

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Referral Key ( allows you to do online referral networking. The tool is easy and allows you to build and manage your referral exchanges. It has helped me build my small business tremendously!

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