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What was the point of macadamia nuts?

Asked by spendy (1446points) May 23rd, 2008

In my opinion, this is possibly the best nut out there. So why did Mother Nature tease humanity with such a tasty nut? If it weren’t for modern technology, no one might ever have tasted one. The amount of pressure it takes to break the shell is more than man himself could ever have mustered without some type of machine. What was the point of this nut?

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Was this a serious question? On the off-chance that it was, here goes. The macadamia tree is native to Australia. It its native environment, it is subject to attack by more than 150 types of pest (That’s Australia for you, an environment not for the faint of heart.) including the macadamia nut borer (thus the hard shell).

Darn you, spendywatson, now I am having a craving for macadamia nuts!

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Yes, very serious. I’ve never heard of the macadamia nut borer (heading to google now)...but I did run across some information lately that caught my attention – that even a raging rhino can’t break the shell of a macadamia nut. It takes some “300 pounds-per-square-inch of pressure to break the shell.” This led me to wonder exactly why we even had such a nut if no human nor animal can enjoy it! It’s so scrumptious…and yet, virtually inaccessable without some heavy artilery or a big machine. :) Seems like a nasty trick.

Oh…to be a macadamia nut borer…

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Its a seed. The plant most successfully reproduces when it’s hardest to eat. Its not supposed to be consumed (like many fruits) and distributed. The nut is simply a seed.

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And a darn delicious one I might add, having ventured forth in a thunderstorm to go to the grocery store and get some.

@spendywatson Too true about being a nut borer. Lacking that, I am a very effective bag borer.

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I guess I’m looking at (and started) this question with a “food chain” state of mind. Most fruits aren’t supposed to be consumed, but they are. Practically ALL nuts are. Most everything is. Surely the wonderful creator of this planet saw this coming. So why put the tastiest nut in the hardest shell? That’s just mean. :) I was looking to have a little more fun with this question, I suppose. D*mn you literal thinkers!!

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;) Because they evolved and weren’t created. ;) ;)
Most nummy fruits Are actually intended to be eaten. That’s how they’re spread. Take apples, for example. An apple tree won’t be crowded because a deer will come along and eat the apple and….. un-eat the apple a day or so later in a completely different place. The seeds flourish in this mass of fertilizer and they soon grow in to happy trees themselves.
Evolution doesn’t take agriculture in to account. We, however, force trees to evolve how we want them to through agriculture. Making nuts bigger by only letting the most robust ones get planted the next year. Replanting only the apple trees that produce the largest number and highest quality of fruits. If we want to talk about creation… that is a sort of human creation. I’m sure that softer nuts, however, have their own flaws… like animals getting to them before people do.

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Okay @delirium, I was taking what you said the wrong way – “It’s not meant to be consumed (like many fruits) and distributed.” – thinking you said it’s not supposed to be consumed, just as most fruits aren’t supposed to be consumed. Sounded crazy and wrong, but I went with it without thinking!! :) That’s what I get for drinking 1/2 a bottle of Benadryl. lol Kidding. Only a 1/4 – I’ve got total fuzz-head and still can’t breathe. We’re on the same page, and talking at cross-purposes where consumption and distribution are concerned. :) I still don’t think it’s fair! I’m having trouble fathoming that our creator didn’t see this coming. Hmmm…I think macadamias are just a big, fat, neon sign that reads:

“Man has done well by creating machine, good work” :) :)

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Hahahahaha, I seeeee. ;)

Its either that or a big neon sign saying:

“There are so many calories here… you’re going to have to work a few off getting it open first.”

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HA! That’s a nice one too…would make a nice gift basket.

1 large bag macadamia nuts (in shell)
1 large water bottle
1 pink sweat band/wrist band set (very 80’s)
1 very large hammer

I hate running…rather eat nuts and work for them. :)

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@spendy: “I’m having trouble fathoming that our creator didn’t see this coming.”

I think he did. That’s why the shell is so thick and hard. Survival of the macadamia species.

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One of the great advantages of living in Queensland Australia is that macadamias are as cheap as peanuts. And did you ever cook with macadamia oil, it gives everything a sweetish and nutty flavor, nothing like prawns in macadamia oil and rolled in coconut & chili flakes. Macadamia farmers harvest crops off the ground with golf ball picker upper like they have at driving ranges. But yep they are hard shells, no doubt about that! Lots of trees here have seeds that only open during a fire so it doesn’t matter how hard they are.

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plants dont normally tend to make themselves live just to be eaten…..

but then again, if we didnt domesticate cows, how hard would they be to eat….. “Mother nature” isnt around just for us dude….

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Couldn’t a macaw parrot get through such a shell? They have extremely powerful beaks.

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