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Couldn't poisonous plants be considered the top of the food chain?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 23rd, 2008

Because if they are poisonous then nothing can really eat them so wouldn’t that mean they are at the top because they can’t really be eaten?

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But, what do they eat!

In order to be at the top you must make everything else tremble in fear! If it can’t eat me, then it’s below me!

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Well idk they “eat” all kinds of animals after they’ve decomposed and been deposited back into the soil…

and they do make everything else afraid to eat it

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Uh… no? They’re not poisonous to absolutely everything. Think about all the possibilities: insects, fungus, other plants, etc.

Also, no matter if they grow in very very very decomposed matter… they’re not predatory. (Ignoring the obvious examples, of course.)

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No. They are still autotrophs, meaning that they are the producers. No plant is poisonous to every animal. SOMETHING could eat it. Just like if there was a worldwide pandemic…someone would be immune with knowing it.

Source=AP Biology

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Not every plant that is poisonous to us, is poisonous to other animals/ insects. So it is possible that something else can eat it, there for something is above it. The only reason we are considered top of the food chain is because we have the capabilities to capture and kill what ever creature we wish to eat. But if we didn’t have the intelligence to do so, or were left with no resources to accomplish capturing an animal we would be in some trouble. We need something to our advantage in order to be considered top of the food chain, there for if it was Human Vs. Lion well I think we know who would win.

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