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What is your favourite topping on crumpets?

Asked by cosmicprawn (107points) March 3rd, 2012

Just wondering what tasty suggestions you all have! :)

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Just butter.

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Butter and marmite.

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Utterly Butterly.

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What’s a crumpet?

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@downtide Oh, an English Muffin. Then butter and grape jelly.

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Butter and apricot preserves. Wish I had one right now!

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@MadisonPaige Not the same as a muffin. This is a muffin it’s more “bready” and drier than a crumpet.

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@ucme that’s my other favourite type of crumpet :)

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@ucme – No need for butter on one of those crumpets :-0

@MadisonPaige – Bite your tongue! An “English Muffin” is neither. And resembles a crumpet only in outward appearance.

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I love to taste a nice juicy muff…..ahem, carry on.

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Oh man, I have crumpets in the bread bin, I’m going to have to have a couple now. I’ll be having marmite on one, just butter on the other. I like crumpet that makes my chin dribble…

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Butter and reaspberry jam.

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Now that I know what a crumpet is, Honey or Strawberry jam.

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Crumpets aren’t English muffins? They sound good. I WANT A CRUMPET! Do they sell them in America?

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@Dutchess_III I live in the USA and I’ve never seen crumpets. Now that I know they exist, I’ll look for them in the international section the next time we go shopping. But it’s funny how the English and we Americans have different words for the same things, and the same words for different things.

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I’ve never had a crumpet, and I want to try one now.
I think I would try it with just butter. Maybe my second one I would also put some jam or marmalade.

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Here’s a recipe for crumpets and a long explanation about the difference between it and an English muffin.

Vive la difference

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Another for just butter.

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Clotted cream and orange marmalade, a combination made by the gods.

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Butter and honey.

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I honestly don’t know how Americans survive without crumpets. The best is honey, or maybe jam (jelly?). Something that melts into the holes and gets sticky everywhere (get your mind out of the gutter) Mmmmm. Why does breakfast have to be so far away!?

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I used to buy them in a Giant in Maryland. So yes they are in the USA or at least were.

I like them with butter and honey or jam. And they are nothing like an english muffin, the dough is so much more coarse and porous which is perhaps why they are not particularly popular in the USA where Wonder Bread is the go for many.

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So much butter that it gets dangerously slippery.

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Ok, so does anyone know if there are grocery stores or bakeries in Michigan where I can get some crumpets?
You are seriously making me crave one right about now.
I could probably go to the store and buy some instant yeast and make them from the recipe that @gailcalled posted, but I would not have anything to compare my homemade crumpets to. I would not know if they turned out right or not.
I’m also not really in a baking mood right now and have a full day of other work planned.

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I love crumpets with philadelphia cream cheese on! Mmmmmm….. But you folks are all wrong about English Muffin… I’m an English Muffin! ;-)

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@MadisonPaige I’ll knock you up sometime. : ) (That’s English for “I’ll come visit” “I’ll look you up.”)

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^^ Hee Hee

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Just as a follow up, I recently found crumpets in a supermarket (in the USA). But they weren’t very good. They were dry and stale.

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@HungryGuy – that’s too bad, there is nothing better than a soft, fresh crumpet and nothing worse than a hard old dried up one. I don’t even like to freeze them, it seems to change the texture and they aren’t nearly as good.

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