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How can I make objects stay in the basket of my slingshot?

Asked by bluejay (1009points) March 3rd, 2012

I just finished my slingshot and I’ve tested it without objects, and it seems really powerful! One problem though. When I tried putting objects in it I couldn’t get them to stay despite the fact I used leather which is suppose to grip things. How can I make them stay in?

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How about thoroughly wetting it, forming it around a ball or rock until it dries in that shape. Wrap it with enough layers of twine to get it to stay that way while drying, if necessary.

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I thought you held it in with your fingers and then released everything together. I don’t understand what you mean???

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Are you pinching the leather with the projectile in place? You should feel the object through the leather. Make sure it is in line with the rubber and attachment holes.

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@rooeytoo, @LuckyGuy I think that the OP is referring to a slingshot of a different sort.

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The first line of your link says “Not to be confused with slingshot.” I have heard the ones you link to called Sheep herders sling. If that is what the op means, then that is a horse of a different color for sure!

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@luckyguy yeah I just realized that lol! I had a string tied on the basket of it to pull it back and make things easier but no it just doesn’t work like that.

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