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If you were a super hero, which would you be?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) May 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I would be Wonder Woman (except I’m sure I’d get dizzy when necessary to flex my mad super hero skills).

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She’s not a super hero, but she’s a comic book character, so I officially declare it that she counts.

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Aquaman, because neoprene and talking to fish is so pimp, I never have been able to figure out why hollywood hasn’t made a major film about him yet…

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I would be Isis from the 70’s TV show The Secrets of Isis!

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@gorillapaws, do you watch Entourage? Apparently the people in charge of that show agree with your assessment.

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I LOVE Delirium. She’s from Sandman! :-)

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YES! That she is!! She’s my absolute favorite! Fishies are kind of my animal to note, collect, and wax poetic about for her. (Although, I like the idea of fish much more than the reality of them!)

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dah dah dah dah duh!! puppy power! super scrappy doo.

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I’d be wonder woman so I could look at myself naked.

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@gimmedat, I haven’t seen that show yet although it’s on my to-do list. I looked up the reference you made though. I’ve got to see that show now lmao.

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@gorillapaws You should write the script for Aquaman and make a gazillion dollars! :-)
I’d go see it!

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Superman. No question.

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They haven’t created a woman superhero with enough powers for me. Wonder woman was just too regimented and military good girl for me. I want to be able to fly, be invulnerable, and no weaknesses like Kryptonite or heavy trauma-based neuroses like Batman. I need a name though.

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@gorillapaws, Entourage is GREAT! The main character goes from playing Aquaman to Pablo Escobar. Totally worth your time. They use a Jane’s Addiction song as the intro, need I say more?

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The Brown Hornet from fat albert. I don’t remember his powers. I just remember he had the power to create a happy ending AND set a good example. He was ghettorific.

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ummm id probably go with Batman lol :P

but if i had to pick a superhero from the Marvel universe it would definitely be Spiderman

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I’m kinda partial to Bartman.
“Nobody saw it! I didn’t do it! You can’t prove anything!”

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i would be a teenage mutant ninja turtle. i love pizza and i love trying new toppings on it. also, i would be a NINJA. i mean, who doesnt want to be a ninja? there would just be the pain in the ass of never being able to kill the bad guy. does he ever die? if so, can you send me a youtube link? it would be gladly appreciated.

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Eternity, because, if given the opportunity, why settle for anything less?

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playthebanjo gets four stars for using “ghettorific” in a sentence.

if I were a superhero, i’d want to be charles xavier. he was always a class act.

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spectacular,spectacular, Spider Man

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or pinkie man ( he’s an eraser with superpowers that I made up)

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Batman. Playboy by day, crime fighter by night. And lots of cool gadgets

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I think my fantasy would be to be Luornu Durgo, codenamed Triplicate Girl, who first appeared in Action Comics #276. A native of the planet Cargg, she could split into three identical bodies, as could all Carggites.

Then, once I split into those three identical girls, I’d engage in a lesbian 3-some that would last an entire month.

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