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Driving from Panama City, FL to Portland, OR...

Asked by synapse (433points) March 4th, 2012

The online driving direction websites puts the route going through the heartland with 30 or more route changes. So, I’ve been looking into just taking I-10 west to I-5 for simplicity and hopefully better driving weather. I-10 connects to I-5 in downtown Los Angeles which terrifies me thinking about the notoriously heavy traffic. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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How does it compare, distance-wise?

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That has to be way longer then cutting across at more of a diagonal I would think? Have you compared the distances and travel times? Also, maybe you can incorporate some stops you are interested in to make the trip easier. You are going to have to syop and sleep anyway.

There are so many places you can work your way northwest.

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The southern route will add a day or two but I am not under a time crunch as to arrival date. I am just looking to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for me and my puppy.

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I guess the one positive going your way is less mountainous maybe? Seems like you can easily avoid Los Angeles though. Turn north before LA.

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I plan to stop in Phoenix and stay overnight or two with friends. I can reassess the route from there. Was really interested in finding out if the LA traffic is as bad as its reputation realizing timing is everything. Thank you!

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Well, if you risk LA, just be sure to avoid rush hour, like any city. If you find you are nearing the city during bad traffic, that means it is a perfect time to pull off and have dinner, wait for the traffic to lighten up again.

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You might like this route.

It’s the I10 > I15 (which takes you north about 60 miles before you get to LA) > I395 (a scenic route that takes you right along the eastern side of our magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains) > I89 (which takes you right by our two tallest volcanoes, Mts. Lassen and Shasta) > I5 into Portland.

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If you must go through LA, make sure its after 10 am or after 6 pm.

Been there, done that.

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That is exactly what I would do. I have gone that route myself (Oregon border to Dothan, AL) and it’s a lovely lovely trip. My suggestion is, if you do not plan to do anything in LA/Hollywood, go through there late at night. I drove through there around 2AM with no problems at all—just flew right on through. Yeah, I’m a night owl and a night traveler, but there’s my advice. Be careful and have fun.

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