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Does your supermarket have a separate organic healthy section?

Asked by JLeslie (61645points) March 4th, 2012

The supermarkets where I live have separate sections for healthy and organic products, and I kind of want everything with like products. What I mean is, I would rather have all canned soups in the canned soup aisle, and at one end of the section, the soup section, they can have the organic ones. Same with cereal, milk, etc. But, my market actually has a small section full of all the organic products, including refridgerated and frozen. Everything from soup, chips, snack bars, milk, frozen pizza, dressings, everything in the one spot.

Not only healthier choices, but my market actually separates out the fancier potato chips from regular old Lays and Utz. I looked all over for Kettle brand sea salt and vinegar last week, figured Kroger didn’t carry it, and then today I noticed the chips in a section three aisles away from the rest of the potato chips.

How does your market do it? How would you prefer it be done?

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The ones here do seperate organic from everything else and well, I think it makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

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There is organic fruit & veg with the normal fruit & veg section. I don’t recall seeing anything else organic at all in there.

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I have been to those markets, and they’re awful. We have a Market Basket (very inexpensive, large market) that has all kinds of organic foods just mixed in with everything else. We are also lucky to have a Whole Foods (both markets are 1 mile from my house).

When a market has that “special section”, it seems that people who eat these foods are supposed to appreciate the convenience or importance that the market is giving to these foods. For most people, however, it’s convenient for them because they know they can just skip these aisles.

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Yes, all of the supermarkets that I go to have a separate section for natural and organic foods although you still have to shop around since fresh organic produce is in a separate section in produce and frozen foods are mixed with other frozen food.

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My supermarket has the non-organic product next to the organic product. There isn’t an entirely separate section.

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I think it makes sense to blend them in with like products if there is a Big range of products that are carried in a organic/alternative/boutique form. Then for all sorts of popular products you will find it with the other dozen choices. Whole Foods seems to do this effectively.

If there are only a small subgroup with ‘special’ versions then putting them together seems to make more sense, especially if a large part of your customer base wouldn’t give a hoot about organic or may even resent that implication of a ‘health’ version out there lurking to rip them away from the stuff they like.

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There is an organic fruit and vegetable aisle, and an organic dry foods aisle.
People in this area really do get into that, but I avoid it, since it is quite a bit more expensive.

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It depends on which aisle you are in. Some keep organic totally separate, some place them side-by-side.

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Mine has its own organic section. No frozen food in that section, but the all encompassing frozen foods section has a reserved spot for organics.

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Yes. The local Safeway has special sections for refrigerated and frozen “health foods” which are separate from the main sections. They are next to the produce department.

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Yes, our major supermarkets have a separate health food/organic section. I agree it would be more convenient to just include the healthy options with the other products. I often forget to go and check the health/organic section.

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I don’t tend to notice these things but yes, I think these grocery stores, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Safeway and Giant have separate organic sections. As a matter of fact, I checked out this rather upscale pet supplies store and saw that they have a separate range of organic pet food.

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Most of our local markets have a separate section with rows of “healthy” stuffs. This is frustrating to me since I like to shop by aisle of like items. If I want my favorite toothpaste, I’m fine to take from the shelf of all the other brands instead of hunting for it on a shelf with vitamins, power bars and deep friend other-than-potato vegies.

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