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Whats your favorite CD right now?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34565points) May 23rd, 2008

I cant stop listening to Dj Dangermouse’s The Grey Album im not normally a fan of remix cds or anything but this is just amazing. By far the greatest mash up ive ever heard.

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The new Death Cab CD

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First of all, that cd is pretty awesome, uberbatman.

I can’t stop listening to all of my hip-hop on my iPod. I put all of the songs from that genre on shuffle and kick back. But to give you a real answer to your question, I like Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool quite a bit.

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Right now I’ve been playing R.E.M.‘s Accelerate quite a bit. All time favorites are still Jimmy Cliff’s self-titled album and The Beatles’ Abbey Road, though.

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@Allie yea its really awesome i never thought id like a cd that mixed Jay-Z’s black album and The Beatles white album. I normally hate Jay-Z and its like sacrilege to mess with Beatles music

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Dear You by Jawbreaker.

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king britt presents sister gertrude Morgan. Not new, but oh so good

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Against Me – Reinventing Axl Rose!

However, tomorrow is a new day!

One more, Dethklok – Dethalbum!

PEEDUB Rocks Your Face Off!

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I agree wit Allie- lupe’s cd the cool is
pretty good. I just saw him live and he was amazing!

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wait a minute-who’s dissing my man peedub?

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This isn’t a CD per say, but the most recent hour-long Beats in Space podcast, featuring James Murphy and Pat Mahoney (both of DFA) is utterly phenomenal. I’ve listened to it in its entirety over 5 times in the last 24 hours!

Find it here. They’re all good but ‘May 13’ is the one I’m referring to.

I was cool with it duders, but THE HAIGHT AIN’T. Don’t piss off my bodyguard, she’ll crush your skull and brush her teeth with your brains.

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Seriously, TheHaight!! Peedizzle is the shizznit. =]

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@bulba dethklok is the shit. Is there a concert coming around your area? Im already bought my ticket lol. Not sure what to expect but im sure it will be awesome none the less.

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Thanks L’Allie, El bulb with the Chupacabra on his side.

Seriously, y’all should check out Beats In Space. It’s a once a week radio show/free podcast hosted by Tim Sweeny, out of WNYU, NY.

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I’m peepin’ it P!

Ubs, are they coming anywhere remotely close to Nashville, TN?

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p dizzle, for rizzle! If you mess with him you mess with ME. **cracks knuckles**

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@bulba unfortunately it doesn’t look like it.(i may be wrong though)

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Thanks Ubs!

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@jstring, word, Narrow Stairs. Me too. I have just been listening to it over and over since it came out last week. I am seeing them on June 10th!
[did you see the article about them in the Arts&Leisure section of the Sunday Times?]

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New York Times, that is.
(By far the best times)

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Death Cab and parts of the new Coldplay CD.

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You Do Your Thing by Montgomery Gentry

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Gnarls Barkley’s The Odd Couple
Timeless music

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@Nick, sorry Buster, does your younger sister (in the avatar) listen to Jawbreaker too?

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I have to agree with allie from earlier. The Cool by Lupe Fiasco is an amazing album. He is really balancing commercial, and real hip-hop.

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The Hercules and Love Affair album is pretty amazing.

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When did “CD” become synonymous with “album?”

Anyway, my favorite album at the moment is “Mose Allison Sings.”

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We all should make a fluther muxtape ?

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My latest purchase re-establishes me as the Queen of Cheese I know, but I’m just SO delighted to have this again (used to have the LP, but got nothing to play that on now): Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Up Your Alley

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I’m really into Volume One by She and Him at the moment.

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Joan jets used to rock the house back jn the day. Do you remember a movie with her and the girl from family ties tv show?

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Was that the one with Michael J. Fox? Where they were siblings and in a band?

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flobots, a new band out of Denver. Great newness

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@ peedub thats not my little sister in the avatar but me before my gender reassignment surgery. and yes lil sister loves jawbreaker.

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Neko Case, “Fox Confessor. . . . ”

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One of Brand New’s three albums!

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The most recent album I have bought and listened to is Kettel’s Myam James Part 1 which is pretty cool. I have recently purchased the best of Enigma and M83’s new album, of which the latter sounds awesome so I would say that will be my favourite for a short while now :)

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OK, confession time. I just bought an EP that is so not usually me:
Alphabeat – Fascination – It’s just SO catchy!

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Okay…when did CD become the same as album….Hmmm….I guess my fave is the backup disk to Vista then….LOL!

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“An album or record album is a collection of related audio or music tracks distributed to the public” in this case in the medium of a CD, I will try and not confuse the two in the future ;) but the most recent CD’s I bought were albums, a collection of related audio/music :)

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