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How can I create a new user that can only access a single directory with FTP on Ubuntu?

Asked by Dog (25056points) March 4th, 2012

I just need a user to sFTP in and only be able to view/interact with a single directory. How would I go about doing this?
And the server is the latest version of Ubuntu running on Linode.

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I’m not sure what your needs are, but I had a similar situation where I needed someone to be able to move files to/from my server. It turned out that it was a lot easier for me to use dropbox on my server and share it with them:

I don’t use ftp, but google is suggesting proftpd when I search.

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The Filezilla server lets you establish what you share (directory level), with what accounts that’s shared, how it’s shared (read-only, read-write etc) and you can establish accounts within it that are ftp-only accounts. And it’s free !
I’m sure there are lots of nuts and bolts ways to accomplish the same thing but I found Filezilla easy for casual use.

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Generally I believe you’d only give them access to their home directory and go from there.

This appears to have instructions for Ubuntu and setting up users

linux admin is not my thing, but I brush up against it a lot. Linode could probably help you through their support system as this should be a common request there

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Thanks guys! I will start looking.

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