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What's the best way to find a new hair stylist?

Asked by MissRosie81 (251points) March 4th, 2012


I am in a new city and would like to find a new hair stylist. I’m a bit particular about my hair and am unsure about how to make the right appointment. I haven’t been able to get any recommendations, so I’m looking around online.

I’ve narrowed it down to the salon, but what’s next? Do I just call up and make an appointment with whomever is free and hope for the best? :)

Also, the salon’s website has price listings for cuts by “junior”, “salon” and “senior” stylists. From your own past experience, does this make a difference?

Thanks for any input! :)

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Junior is probably cheaper and also probably just got out of beauty school. Try the mid-level one and see how you like it. How did you pick that salon? I was going to suggest asking your friends or someone you find whose hair you like (since you’re new to the area) where they go.

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Go out to their website and read any comments from the clients.
Read all the comments. Some people will write a good comment on the first visit, but maybe after a few visits they find the stylist isn’t who or what they wanted.
Yes, the past experience makes a difference. A senior would be someone that has been in the business for a long time, a junior is just getting started, thus the difference in their prices. If you don’t mind helping train a “junior” go with that stylist. If you want someone that has plenty of experience, go with the senior.
Also, you could go on facebook and look them up. They will have clients that are following them and you can even see their pictures and hair if they are using their pics on their facebook.
I have actually asked women at the gym or in a store who does their hair when I see a style I like.

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Do you have a friend in your new city? If so, call them and get a recommendation.

My wife did this and it worked.

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One of the advantages of living in a really small town is that you can stop a woman with a hair cut that you admire and ask her, “Who cut your hair?”

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When you see someone with a haircut you love, who has si ilar hair to you, ask them who cuts their hair. Hands down best way.

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Google: best hair salon (your city)

I tried this and ended up with my favourite stylist ever. The point is that people who feel strongly about their stylists will talk about them in online reviews. And they talk prices, too.

@gailcalled But don’t you worry that you’ll end up with exactly the same cut? :)

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I agree with @gailcalled. If you see someone and you love the way their hair is cut, ask them who their hair stylist is. I would be flattered if someone said that to me.

When you go, take a photo if you can of how you like your hair to look. Even one of you with your hair looking great. I find that easier than trying to explain what I want since I don’t talk ‘hairdresser’ lingo.

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@dappled_leaves: We all do have different head, face and feature shapes and often hair texture.

And if I did, so what? Remember the Sassoon cut, the Farah Fawcett cut, the Dorothy Hamill, the Princess Di cut, and the Jennifer Anniston cut as only some examples.

The mohawk, dreads, baldness, buzz cut, mullet…there is really nothing new under the sun.

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