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How should I prepare to propagate my new grapevine clippings?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) March 4th, 2012

I remember the 3 buds, 1 above the earth rule, but should I first soak / dip / moisten them? Perhaps now in the warmer March days (with still a last bit of chill left and some more coming) I don’t need to cover them with a cut bottle.. Or should I
Also I’m seeking both the mainstream techniques and any other secret trick for instance the ancient Greeks would apply, say, to enhance toughening of the vine for next year’s clipping and so on..

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I’ve never tried propagating grapevines. I would think no cut bottle this time of the year and don’t soak them. A little rooting hormone might help, unless you’re going organic. I would root them, give them a little protection from the wind and shade them a little from the sun. (It’s going to be 55 and sunny here Wednesday.) Then let the strongest survive.

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@Adirondackwannabe hey there, mate. we meet again :-)
Yes, I am indeed ‘going organic’. I’m planning on planting some (indoors for the beginning) and some directly outside. I was thinking about planting some along the “bush barrier” I’m composing (comprised of wild raspberry, ‘golden rain’ in local tongue and juniper). Maybe I could set up some extra rocks or tiles to protect them a bit more.

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Hey there.:) Rocks and tiles should help. I was thinking any wind protection would help keep the tops from drying out too much until the roots form. You could also do them inside with a cut bottle. A cut bottle outside on a sunny day might overheat the plants.

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