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How can I not lose my friends?

Asked by dimitri685 (74points) March 5th, 2012

I have been having friends in year 6 for almost a year. Then one of their friends is saying that I follow them too much and I tell her that the reason why I hang out with them is that all of the people on my class is making life a living hell. I am three years older than my friends. What can I do to not lose my friends? I have given my friends one day in every week to talk for themselves without me. And they are all girls by the way.

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Talk to your counselor at school. Generally, if you are a friend to others they will be a friend to you. However, you sound like you have a problem socially and may need a little coaching. Good luck.

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It doesn’t sound like these are real friends or they would want you with them. Maybe instead of looking for a group of friends you should just see if you can find one person in your age group whom you would like to be friends with and try to talk to them. If you don’t feel able to make a new friend, counseling would be of use.

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Yup, I’m on the janbb train. Those aren’t your friends anymore, people change in the weirdest ways. I’m socially awkward too, but I’m bipolar so I purposefully avoid people. You have to be able to read the signs, if they start saying your hanging around them too much they might be getting annoyed with you. A true friend will hang out with you, not let you hang out with them. One of the things that helped me get through high school was having friends that didn’t go to my school, try to make friends in other ways that only the people in your school. You’ll be surprised at how little negative comments from people matter when you have something positive waiting for you to get out of school, it makes it feel like you are an important part of their life.

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I don’t understand. What does in mean to have friends in year 6? What year are you? What school is this? What country?

What does it mean to follow someone too much? Are we talking online or in reality? Like do you follow them around the school? Or the town? Or what?

Are we talking a clique situation, where you have become the odd man out? They don’t like you any more? Maybe it has nothing to do with you so much as for them it is the idea of showing they are more cool by getting rid of you.

Someone is making your life a living hell? Is that keeping you from having friends in your class? Do others push you away? Is there something about you that bothers others? Do you usually have difficulty in social situations?

Your friends are girls, but your name suggests that you are a boy. Is that the case? Perhaps they are at a phase where they don’t want to be friends with a boy for some reason? How old are you, anyway?

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GPS works.

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