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How can pressure be brought on Rush's biggest sponsors, Clear Channel and Bain Capital?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) March 5th, 2012

This is further to the issue discussed here.

Even with nine advertisers having dropped Rush Limbaugh’s, Clear Channel Premmier Radio Network (by far the nation’s largest radio network) and their major stock holder, Mitt Romney’s former company, Bain Capital? Is it possible to make it unprofitable for any corporation to sponsor hate speech, demonization and venom of the sort Rush and Michale Savage (another Clear Channel talker) routinely use to divide and Balkanize America?

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With a steamroller.

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I am sure if he makes a sexist, degrading remark on behalf of (the majority of) women they’ll drop him.

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I see that Clear Channel has a Facebook page, but doesn’t allow posts. You could always start your own media campaign. Check Facebook policy, but considering the number of similar pages I’ve seen, you can start a “Tell Clear Channel to give Rush the bum’s rush” type page and hope it goes viral. Same thing with Twitter, etc.

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Write to the companies. You’ll find their addresses on the internet. Tell them how you feel. They may need just one more letter to make them stop endorsing him.

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@ragingloli Time to fire up the machine, then.

@rebbel That’s for sure. I read that women make or influence 83% of consumer buying decisions. The numbers vary by product, but in every category, advertisers need to concern themselves with the feelings of women.

@syz That’s a very good idea.

@Sunny2 I already have. Twelve have now dropped him, along with 2 of his stations.

@syz Thank you so much for posting that.

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As much as I think Rush Limbaugh is the biggest moron ever to walk the earth, I don’t support pressuring his sponsors to can him. Everyone should has the right to free speech.

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@HungryGuy Actually, free speech INCLUDES the right to pressure advertisers. That’s speech, no? The guarantee of free speech is intact, but it doesn’t include a guarantee of a free or even well paid platform from which to speak. In order to get that, what you have to say matters.

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@ETpro – Well, yeah. Okay. You’re right.

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